September 29, 2005

Update on Monthly Goals

1. Read one classic per month, read one book in each language you read over the year, and 28 books for the year in total - This month I read Sense and Sensibility and A Complicated Kindness. Both are worth it! And at the very end of the month I started reading Bill Bryson’s The Mother Tongue
2. Go to a new museum on each free first Sunday of the month – Nope and since I am doingt his retroactively I didn’t make it in October either (excuse I was at the Nuit Blanche the night before till 4am)
3. Drink a minimum of 1 litre of water per day - Yup, still a water retaining sea cow. And one who does the I gotta go pee pee yeah you no me dance more often.
4. Spend one night a week with no TV and no DVDs and no Technology. Whole night! – I think I got once a month in, maybe twice… should try to note it so I don’t forget I guess
5. Save money to recreate a “nest egg/safety parachute” – HAHAHAHAHA are you trying to make me laugh??? Work and French bureacracy spent the past month bleeding me from my eyeballs.
6. Cook a true dinner once a month- No but I got closer, I bought meat- now to use it before it goes bad….
7. Try a new cuisine each month (something you normally scrunch your nose at!) – I have been on a no eating out dinner. And the cooking moratorium is in place too. But I promise next month to try something I scrunch my noes at.
8. Take one activity class per week (pilates, ballet, dance, yoga, etc) – I have made it a point to run once a week or walk a whole hell of a lot once a week.
9. Do one physical activity (swimming, running, rock climbing, cardio at gym etc) once a week- Not happening, money is tight
10. Run a half Marathon - I am trying to keep up on the running weekly thing and thinking I might like doing the Dublin race
11. Eat vegetables (i.e. a vegetable for the month eaten once a week) Still ditching this one
12. Make a monthly contribution to a charity - I have contributed to the Red Cross. You should too!!
13. Start “learning” Spanish- not yet
14. Visit two regions in France and at least one vineyard, plus one new country – China is seemingly off the list for the rest of this year (don’t ask) but instead thanks to a special friend I am going to Berlin next weekend and I have never been there before.
15. Get my grandfather’s birth certificate - HELL YEAH BEEEYOTCHES I have GOT IT. This one is off the list. I am still waiting for the death certificate though. One step at a time
16. Take a scuba diving course- I am looking into a program for it in Belize, Thailand or the Red Sea maybe in March of next year. Saving for it to will have to be taken into account, where I will get that savings… I know not
17. Learn about and read the texts of one of the major world religions - No attention paid, I think I would like to look in to Hindu but that seems a bit overwheming…
18. Finish my knitting projects- Yeah, yeah yeah I am getting there. I did socks galore, I started a clapotis (that has a whole other story behind it) and baby sweaters. Now to seam up Fern and buy Pretty Wrappy Top yarn.
19. Go to one Opera and one Ballet at Garnier- Offices have just opened back up but by September they will have the performance list for the Fall out for the choosing!! Will try to coral my favorite scruffy italian when he moves to town next week for a night out.
20. Take a photo daily - Not daily but I am getting some taken, this one is my most recent favorite- Kate… it is for you! Taken during the Nuit Blanche
21. Floss weekly – I have declared war on the floss. An avoidance war. We will see if I ever conqueor this one.
22. DECLUTTERStill in the bit by bit mode.
23. STUDY my ass off and take the GREs (while you are at it, get a ROCKING score too) – I have bought the books and remembered why I hate them. I NEED MATHS HELP!!! Why can no book carry lots of exercises for maths, when they have tons for verbal?? The exam it fucking sucks. Next step start studying seriously. Next step is to schedule a date and pay up.
24. Make your home more yours (decoration etc) – None of this this month. My flat has been a disaster actually. I made the switch over in wardrobes and so… more ostrich manoeuvres
25. Cultivate a bit of garden on your window – Time to go to the flower market again. But I have cleared out those that will not winter over so we are ready for the next planting.
26. Get a website up and going - I have bought both urls and I chosen a host. I should be on the way to get memory tonight. Let's hope that external speakers work to cause the speakers work not now and that makes Tink and her DVDs not happy
27. Keep the dishes done nightly- We have had on and off weeks.
28. Relax and fill this one in later when it comes to you :) - I think this is going to become a rotater monthly; so for next month the goal is: Next month the goal is to eamil old friends and get back in touch with people.

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