January 10, 2005

Mission "Get Your Fat Ass Out of the Flat"

Ok so the recent silence has been less to do with material or holidays and is more related to certain circumstances and my corresponding defense mechanisms. Things Chez Tink are pretty stressful right about now.

I feel idiotic saying anything that remotely resembles complaining given the storms in Scandinavia and the Tsunami in SE Asia. I am alive and I knew that I was potentially facing this month of hell to make a glimmering hope come true. I don't complain about that which I willingly and knowingly enter. And in reality I have been facing this same hell and it's likewise relatives for the past 2+ years in on and off cycles over 6 weeks to 4 months periods.

But I am worn down, I am cracking at the foundations and this time there is a more serious nature to it. The face has black eyes and certain finalities that crash a small corner of my soul. All said I am about 1.5 days away from the bleeding phase of my ulcer and as close as I have ever gotten to my knit's end.

The defense mechanisms combined do however make for great blog fodder. See I knit to try and distract my cognizant grey matter away from the doom and gloom/fried green tomato loop. And because there is a partial financial aspect to my agitation, I go no where/do nothing. Which in combination results in me watching inordinate amounts of mediocre to pitiable television. Seriously there is no DC spin doctor who can twist the pathetic nature of watching a Danielle Steel mini-series into language acquisition. You have stooped to a whole new level and the only potential and parital salvation is that you knit through it.

That mechanism is thankfully tempered on occassion by great friends who take you out. And random cute Portuguese men who buy you wine. Make that LOTS of wine. And should such an evening ever happen to you- make sure, before plunging into at least three bottles of good red plonk (for just you), with the glee of a three yearold who just found out her bathtub was full of smurf gummi candies, that you have more than an ashtray of peanuts and an icecream in you. Because, speaking from experience and as the sole possessor of two hollow legs which I have used to drink NFL linebackers under the table; NO quantity of alcoholic Irish genes are going to save (or pad for that matter) your "skipping down the cobblestone lane" ass.

Trust me and please never forget rule #1. EAT FIRST. It does however give one a much better reason for the nausea that accompanied waking up than the fact that your television turned itself on and blared Baywatch Hawaii at you (which is a valid reason in and of itself to be nauseaous). True story- please pray for me now.

But it does mean that stress levels and crashing griselle aside I can now tell you about what all I have knit over the last week. Pictures at a later date (I know quelle surprise).

Winter may not have really come to Paris, but it is snowing in my flat. That angora I posted about in the last post (which isn't felted to my fleece blanket) has since been knit into a lovely textured ribbed (for her pleasure) scarf. It behaved reasonably while knitting and has a pretty halo, but it sheds worse than a golden retriever-border collie cross. I momentarily contemplated giving it to my mother. Currently I am having second thoughts, shedding and all. Its purdy and oh so soft. Yup I have renewed my fetish with my New Year's resolutions...

Progress continues with the never ending shawl. It is well over half way done. And if the current situation doesn't let up soon I give it 2 more avoidance projects and about 3 days before it is a fait accompli.

After the shawl I started avoidance project #1 (or was it because of the shawl...) A certain VERY special someone gave me some Biggie Wool. I had not a clue what to make with it. I am stressed not creative, therefore I started a ribbed sock hat, and will make mittenettes to go with it from the other ball. It's been one hell of a long time since I have knit anything that thick. Even knitting it DENSE on 6.5mm dpn's, I still feel like I am playing a game of pick up sticks with broomstick handles. Though I love the yarn, those HONKER needles! It doesn't knit as fast as expected, not sure what to say or think on the status of that...

Avoidance Project #2 follows in the CHUNKY yarn trend. This must be to counter the thin fiddly nature of the shawl yarn. If nothing else it is one hell of a contrast. So this time I started a pair of mittenettes. Not to match the hat but out of "stash" Polar that I have had for ever with no clue what to make out of one ball each of two colors. I fudged around what I knew of mittenette construction and made your basic mittenette with your basic cable (creative.not.here). And basically I like them. Enough that the other ball of "stash" Polar became another pair of em. This is inspite of the fact that Einstein over here made two right mittenettes the first time round. And if Mother is not destined for a scarf, she will get mittenettes in one of these colors.

And last but not least in the spirit of the shitty television I have been watching WAY TOO MUCH OF. I bid you adieu with a tasteless "cliff hanger," until next time I counqueor me the Mission "Get Your Fat Ass Out of the Flat." The hanger- one of my sweaters is completely off the needles. Yup stress means LOTS of knitting, but it deserves a post of it's own. Though I do promise 3 other posts back entered the next time as I will be at free university internet time, and hopefully a few pictures too.

I hate to leave you hanging but I do have the feeling you will survive. Now let's hope I do :)

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