December 16, 2004

Who is Thor??

That is right I say forget Thor (well not forget as much as I am over our blooming relationship). I like having that disease where you forget things right about now. (What is that disease's name- I forgot... oops do I have a disease...) I survived, I knit (second cable hat down 4 more to go), I slept and I am telling him to get his own life. And today's events they helped me to come to this decision.

So that whole dissertation that made my life go a bit into *erm* HELL. The kind of hell that not even knitting took the edge off of... Well two things have happened with it. And I am pretty much doing Itchy Pants Dance again. Seriously me and doing the Itchy Pants Dance(tm) in Institution's bathrooms?? What is up with that?? Actually if I am going to ask what is up with bathrooms, I am going to ask how the French have bathrooms that smell like you have walked straight into the pulp of a citrus fruit. It's weird. But I digress.

So number one on the dissertation list: Thanks to friends around the world, I have fought the formatting demons and I won. That is right cause I am the Alpha Bitch of All I Survey (and Pay For). So in 3 days I graduate. Yes that is right I am going to graduate. In all honesty it has been known for about 2 weeks but not really believed. Seems all surreal and weird. I am not going to walk in procession or anything (it being on the other side of the pond and all). But I met, faced and won this challenge. Maybe I can do this stuff.

And numero dos: As my graduation gift, I got an email this morning. See back in October before EVERYTHING went wrong I had a bit of a scramble with some applications and shit like that. Of those one was for a manage a president fellowship I was nominated for and the other was a call for papers. I put a proposal for a MAJOR conference together quite hastily (on my dissertation research topic and "findings") and really not that well. I did it mostly on a whim. I seriously was expecting the PFO (please fuck off) letter; if for no other reason that not many papers are accepted from grad students at my stage in the game. I had no hopes, I did it as a kind of joke at the time really. A "why not pressure yourself with one more deadline" thing. And guess what, since they were not aware that smart does not reside here (nor in my research) they ACCEPTED MY PROPOSAL.

Ummm yeah I am Itchy Pants Dancing(tm) in joy and utter disbelief. I think they sent the email to the wrong person. But I got it, I am claiming it and if I can get all the funds and dominoes into a line I am so effing going!

So much for all knitting all the time on this blog, I can't hold my life in check like that :) Oh and if you look back a bit you will see one back dated entry. Next post will have photos too!! Even if I have to sell my soul to Dell (wait already did that- there goes the first born...)

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