December 06, 2004

Currently on Trial

For Falling Off the Face of the Earth and Sufficient Blog Neglect.

Brief of case for the defendant and motions:

Life has flipped even further upside down, with ensuing exhaustion. All in the name of a good cause which will further be reported- see below.
Computer and internet access this past week have been severely restricted. However once access is restored for more than 3 minute intervals twice a day, the defendant has three quality posts to back date and enter.

In light of the defendants impending transit (in two days) into the custody of mörkt and FREAKING COLD Hinterlands (Stockholm) the defendant would like to request the following:

A) Change in venue for the preliminary hearing and
B) Should any one in the gallery have suggestions for HEATED yarn locations where she can attmept to make retribution by taking virtual tour images or in particular touch Garn Studio Angora Tweed all amicus briefs will be accepted (either via comments or the new fangled email me link that the defendant HOPES works and is located in the side bar in the About Me section labeled amazingly enough- Email Me).

The defendant thanks the kind court for its time, consideration and leniency in these chaotic moments. Regular knitting and blogging WILL recommence shortly.

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