November 03, 2004

Long Time No Post

Ok so I had this whole post ready to go yesterday. It is the post that should not be as first blogger ate, and then IE crashed the blogger screen and really I am to tired recreate so here is the "short" bits.

I am demoralized by elections, other people have expressed it more eloquently, but I am a social democrat and really- that hit HURT. I didn't used to be scared- I am now. I am drained by the whole adventure with a comatose computer, dissertation, USB key and deadline (well if I wanted to graduate and all). I am emptied by the ROYAL freak out I went through (trust me there was not a crown big enough for the state I was in), and have stopped all respiration for too long. They weren’t joking, oxygen its not optional and when you think it is you become little Latin Lupe. I swear to the good dead god that tecnology, the stars and my Irish half heritage united against me on Friday. And seriously I am so ready to design Murphy a sweater designed around a big huge FUCK YOU Cable! And as if that weren’t enough my nationality decided to take a bigger chunk out of my ass and almost got me knocked out of my post with the Ministry of Etrangeness. This whole swinging around thing- Mikey don't like it. Get the memo Tarzan- Me Not Jane. Bi-Polar does not suit me. Suffice to say that I am exhausted. But onto the bits.

First a HUGE thanks to all of the people who attempted to talk me off the ledge, peel me off the ceiling to which I was perpetually plastered and who pull consistently pull my ass out of the fire that I am intent on toasting it in… (KAE) THANK YOU.

To Big Brother- dude let's have a moan. The way you left my ass out in the cold. NOT FUNNY. You keep records of porn and not a copy of a measly Thesis for the Penultimate Moron (one guess who I think is the Ultimate Moron). That is not cool. You need to do your job better.

And to the Harlot who sent me the most appropos e-card for Halloween... A day in the life of a screaming Banshee. How did you know that's what I look like??

And on to the three good things:
1. On Friday I got to go to a Colloque with the French, German and Spanish Foreign Ministers (think Secretary of State). Can I just say how cool it is to see the diversity in parties and how different the concepts of left and right are on this side of the pond? Also do you know how PROUD it made me to listen to the Spanish Prime Minister talk. I can't begin to describe it. (though really why is it, for all three, after 50 when you pack on a few extra pounds that you HAVE to sit with your knees pointing east and west in front of the crowd?? I’m just saying). After the colloque Barney gave me they you are on our team firm hand shake, and I got to have a picture taken with Joska Fischer. Hello people it is GREEN Government Cabinet official. HOW COOL is that??? He is also like a human teddy bear and makes me smile. He is really really smart too. And he has the most stereotypical HYSTERICAL Bodyguard. He wasn’t entertained when I made faces at him to try and break the face either. Shut it about my gushing over Europols. I am a Poli-Sci geek I know, you can have your Hollywood people me I will stick to hobnobbing with political royalty and drinking with the Swedish Prime Ministers son. Deal?

2. After a weekend bout of the full on twitching jitters and my hands hitting themselves I decided I was stubborn. And I am. So I sat down with the French Pretty Wrappy Top Pattern and did not mince words. I was going to do something on this sweater or I was going to die trying. I rigged numbers around a bit but was nervous. So I sat down with quasi graph paper. A bottle of wine, 4 hours and 8 sheets of the quasi graph paper I had charted out the Right side of one Wrappy Front. OH YEAH TAKE THAT. WHAPPPPPAAAAOOOO. That is right, the pattern for now it is my bitch. I sat down, watching Zorro (dear dead god did that feed into my mood and me shouting things that I won't repeat) and at the end I had one Wrappy Front. Next is to get another bottle of wine to help figure out how I want to reverse the shaping, Binding off on the purl side, doing decreases instead of binding off. Yeah too much thinking and not enough wine makes my head hurt. Instead I will put the other side aside and savour my victory. That aint defeat people, that is my victory dance- yeah for someone who danced professionally –ballet, jazz and hip hop you gutter waders, it aint pretty.

3. And last but not least, I have my "gifts."

First there was RAOKED. Mamacate sent me mail. Do you know how much I LOVE getting REAL mail!! I got home freaking out that I was going to miss a deadline and the Dissertation Nazis were going to send me, the one who should have learned how to read before contemplating higher education as a career path, back to the corner with my dunce cone of yarn for a hat. But she lightened the death grip that anvil had on my chest and took the OBC loop of doom that was on constant repeat off for a few minutes. She sent me leaves people RED ONES, and RANCH DIP. Once the thesis was sent I whole heartedly dug in with a grin.

And next is to my Secret Pal, after much time in the postal service, I got to open my gift today. I got two hanks of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca- very very soft, and in a pretty purple... Now to think of what you make with two hanks- mind is functioning in sweater mode cause it has gotten colder here (I am beating the Harlot as heater is not on and I leave the windows open- ok that is because of the mold small from the still not fixed shower, and I have seen the men peeing on the street which is what indicates the change of season in Paris so I might be turning the heater on soon). There was also a hank of Fiber Artist yarn/pattern for a shawl which looks like it will be fun. Sockatta yarn in my kind of colors (hey how did you know I need more socks?). There was some cute stickers, gold candles, a cute card and some bubblegum. Thanks SP it was worth the wait!

And with that my Friends I am going to cut it short. I hope to have a pictures only post here soon. Once I figure out how to size the photos on this computer I will insert them immediately (need to break up the monotony). But for now know that I am here (not dead though close to it) I am feverishly working (I hate MS Word formatting and the metric system) and hopefully still kicking.

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