October 13, 2004

Disaster Piece Theater

I think the blog is going to be AWOL till next week. I promise knitting content then. I am not having a good day and it is grumping me out. So please ignore and continue on to the store, I need someone to get me the cheese to go with my Whines :)

There will be no internet access since my NOOS.fr (or as I call them PUTAIN.f****r) account is FUBAR (their fault, but won't fix) and I can't do a damn thing till they call me back. Which means I do not get to watch the debate tonight, nor can I use the internet to research at home or fix the posts that Blogger is MUNCHING. Sorry for the funked up post below; will try to fix it at some point.

How the hell did it get to be Thursday? I have an application due tomorrow, that whole manage a president one. I know I need do it to but right now I don't want to. I have to make up three stories that can be verified by people about my skills (problem solving etc...). They are around 1500-2000 words for each question. This shit is a pain in my ass; I HATE job hunting things. I don't use hate often so I really do mean it. I do NOT self market well. I only wrap myself up in bows for special people and then only under special circumstances.

After pitching all hell and yelling temper tantrums in the NOOS store, I made complete ass out of myself with my French Foreign Ministry contact. I am pretty sure he likes me as he personally called to confirm I would be going to the breakfast. So he could talk with me about the stagaire position. Only good thing from the call is that he gave me the right time, to be on time. WTF you want me there at 8:30 AM now. Let's all say a hearty Fuckity Fuck Fuck!! I was so aggitated from the whole trying to tell Noos *censor REALLY impolite phrase- feel free to look for it in the comments* to "fix" things my French was enough out of whack for him to say "Having difficulty with your French today?" GREAT everyone... this post requires me to speak the French. Yeah for great telephone impressions!

I have 3000 words left to write for the thesis, that were due yesterday (not really but you get the idea). Writing does not happen while you have your head in the sand. Anyone got a firm boot or pair of shit kickers on? I could use a whack at the ever expanding pinata (ie my ass) with em.

Sidenote- in that Amazon order I can't afford to buy with the Finishing Bible will be one or two DVDs. I only have 3 here and I am not allowed to watch Bridget Jones again for a while (let alone twice in a row, in one night). I love Colin Firth and I want my own Mr. Darcy NOW. Does not lift my spirits, in this time of cranky stress. Does teach me how to drink vodka.

The good things for today cause I can't leave it all piss and vinegar...

Kae is beyond doubt one of them. I lurve, love, loave you lots!! It made my day your help and email. You rock all da hizouzes (that promptly ends my rapping career)

My landlord was PISSED when he saw things and he made way to look like his tranquil self was going to go apeshit on the syndicat and plomberie people. He wants the leak fixed faster than I do. And he really is the sweetest extraordinary proprietaire. So there is hope I will get to shower again, in the future.

I got my absentee ballot *does happy dance* It made the non-essential goose chase on the Metro that Noos sent me on a bit more entertaining. And for the political science geek in me that was freaked I would not be able to vote (therefore not able to bitch- the horrors) I sent my ballot off today. Yeah my vote WILL be counted!!!

And in my "I am sure shit is worse than my life, do something nice for someone else you pity party pooper" mode; I picked up 5 post cards to randomly send to RAOK people.

Should anyone else reading this far and not be a part of RAOK want one leave a comment with your email and I will contact you for info to send one.

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