January 23, 2006

Black Monday

I am GRUMPY today, and I dont think I will be able to hold it in much longer than the beginning of the post- consider that your warning. I shouldn’t be this crabby crab… I had a lovely weekend. I got lots of things done, I finished all of the tasks on my list people- that is accomplishment, and it feels good. I relaxed too! Hell I even KNIT!! I prettied the flat up… well the weekend was lovely today not so much.

So let's start with some photos of the weekend cause I am loosing it!

I thought since I am behind on blog fodder and trying to do administrative set up stuff (along with on the side with, you know, real life) I would chime in on the photos of my knitting spot.

Now since I live in a tiny flat… I pretty much have to show you my whole flat. But since I had two girlfriends over to teach them how to knit (thus instigating the cleaning and getting things done part of the weekend and also in fun the relaxing part too) it is in a reasonable state. Let’s talk in a week or two :)

Flat Knitting Spot 1
View To

Flat Knitting Spot 2
And View From

It is tiny. I have a boudoir, library, living room, dining room and salon all in one. But it is my place, I like it. I have a GREAT location and there is enough space to have one or two people sleep over. You just get up close and personal :)

Ok I tried... that fake it till you make it, not working today. I can't pretend no more: here comes the gripefest. *precursor- I know this is small shit and mostly irrelevant but fuck it... I am grumpy and out it comes* My black mood has more to do with my day. First of all, it is Monday and Monday started with a morning. Alliteration with the letter M- not a happy thing today!

I get off the metro and some guy from work whom I don't know who the hell is gets all Chatty Cathy with me. I have Ipod ear buds in to avoid this shit, I am not interested, I want to listen to "It's Raining Men" shout Hallelujah and pretend I am Bridget Jones. GAH.

Then there is work stuff that I walked into piled on my desk. I hate the formatting some pratty lady forced the previous forms of one of the 5 documents I had on the desk. It triples (and that is being stingy on time considerations) the time my work takes to complete. DIE Lady DIE. Now, I am currently battling the demon spawn document. Each time you delete a page sectioning... its baaaaaaaack. Chuckie of the MS Word formatting needs to go play in the corner.

But even worse were the ANNOYING AS ALL FUCKING HELL French banks. First of all, I can't have any transactions from my checking to my savings effected over a weekend- but you can effect charges. LOVELY. Then I make a transaction and you say it will be done on Monday at 8am... At 5pm still not done. Make call freaking out. It has been effected, but will not be reflected in your internet read outs for 2-3 days... WHAT THE FUCK IS THE PURPOSE OF THE INTERNET THEN??? Then I say, that I am annoyed as I cant trust my bank. Bank man says yes I may. I tell him he is full of shit as I am loosing it at this stage. And cake topper... I give you all my personal information and you still can't give me the actual balance of my account over the phone. DIE FUCKER DIE. Societe Generale... I hope you die in the hells possessing a heat of many hot fiery suns and did I say HOT hells!

This was compounded by stupid HRM people who when you ask for what your paycheck is going to be and if they paid out certain things tells you yes- but you can see your details on the payslip when we mail them Wednesday. HELLO you have the fucker in front of you how god damned hard would it be to type the numbers??? Then finding out my wire back to the states is processed at an exchange rate from not the pay date but some other monthly arbitrary date that in this instance has a lower exchange rate (45$ poof bye-bye) and isn't even a set date... And oh yeah I am not supposed to ask monthly what date was used... Yeah think again.

Then I realised how I forgot to bring my lunch. SHIT! I had clementines from the Market. I love my market on Sunday mornings. My Fruit and Veg stand is always packed and run by funny little Asian men who get in some of the coolest options, and ALWAYS have the best.

Marche Monge
Marche Monge

And yet today is workout day. I have been doing good, and usually this picks my day up. I have been swimming at least once a week and I can tell. Yoga once a week starting February! Anyways I am swimming and the lifeguard grates my nerves, cause I used to be one. He is doing nothing, except tell me that now for some reason I can't use my fins. It was OK earlier, and there is no regulation or crowding to justify it... Just "not any more". But it is ok to let the guy who thought it was his inalienable right to try and plow over people (backstroking erratically with paddles and maul trauling right over you cause he is on his back and isn't responsible for you know... the people in front of him.) go with not a single word. I swear to the good dead gods that if I knew when he was coming I would KICK UP A FLUTTER to smack him in the head as retaliation for the WHACK I got with one of his paddles. Cause really Grandpa hit 4 people in the 45 minutes I was at the pool and hit me 2 times on top of that... DIE GRANDPA DIE.

Yeah ummm did I say black mood?? Yeah BLACK mood wishing most other sentient beings (yourselves not included of course) would just DIE, I SAID DIE.

Ok must combat these homicidal tendancies. So I am going to break into the ration stashes of Reeses Mini Peanutbutter Cups to get me some chocolate. I am going home earlier than normal. I have to fast after 8pm tonight for a blood test tomorrow- great way to start a Tuesday: wake up early and go get poked not in that fun flirty-flirty way but with a ouchy-ouchy needle), so I need to eat and eat SOON. And I am going to try and forget today... maybe even finish up half of a knit in progress

Jaywalker Lounging

And possibly prep a post about my knitting ADD and it's latest victim, I mean project...

Salina Back

Posted by Stinkerbell at January 23, 2006 06:33 PM | TrackBack

I LOVE the Jaywalker!!! So so pretty. And you have really cute toes. :) I totally feel your frustration with the dr's office, had to go there today myself, except it was the icky "Put your feet in the stirrups" one. Good luck tomorrow!

Posted by: Rachel at January 24, 2006 05:00 AM

Oooh - like the tweed. And the Jaywalkers are looking good - ha! bet pratty lady couldn't come close to this knitting!

Like your "knitting salon" - now we all know where your wine stash is, question is where's the fixins for the bloody marys?

Posted by: Terry at January 24, 2006 01:50 PM

yum! that there looks like some healthy produce :)

i'm enjoying your new home... and the abundance of photos!

Posted by: jess at January 30, 2006 10:05 PM