January 27, 2007


First... Eye Candy Friday. Cause really I am trying people. Life is flipping all around on me like a fish out of water. I am hopeful that something positive might just come together... so ummm yeah all that to say I am a bit high strung right now.

View To A Dame
View to a Dame

Reflecting on what might be...
Shining for what I hope will be...
And looking at what will always be a part of me...

Now to the knitting part :)

I used to think I would need to go to China to feel fully illiterate (being that I can phonetically read the Greek and Cyrilic alphabets and count numbers in Arabic) but I was wrong. I just needed a knitting chart to remind me that I don't know what I am doing any more than anyone else. And anymore... that is OK. Because really if I have to explain why I start saying "Wapner at 12:30, Wapner at 12:30" to another Frenchman, I might just expire.

I am sure (since I took an Aran class from Shirley, the legend, at the Weaving Works in Seattle... many many moons ago) that someone at some point told me that you read charts right to left. This little fact over time however has clearly chosen to vacate the premises. That or it could be lost with everything else in that empty cranial cavity art exhibit I have got going on (minimalism goes cranial, only place it exists in my life :). But really I am going to go with the "I buck trends" explanation.


So I figured out my fuck up with the Endpaper Mitts. I read the chart left to right... cause THAT IS HOW YOU READ (in most langauges- Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and others aside). This is not a problem when you are just going round and round. When you need to add a thumb gusset it is a slight bit more relevant however. Especially as it is now on the "WRONG" side. Also I should have probably remembered that in all honesty when doing a thumb gusset... it is only done on one side.

Serious my friends... I kid you not... Smart, it does not reside here. But that middle finger... it sure does!

The Finger

However, somehow, I did get it together. I had a light bulb go off and fritz over my head. This was followed by spritzing of water to put out fires, a fair share of foul epithets and then 30+ minutes spent re-charting the damn thing. Because why try and do something simple when you can make it complex?? This was followed by a lot of staring at it... and then ritualistic drinking of some wine (it helps you to have the "visions"). Before continuing on and doing a holy dance as I THINK IT WORKED!!!

Endpaper Mitts

Now knitting for me has never been anything fearful. My first project was a in the round only knit hat with a stripe. Next project was a colourwork hat where I took the pattern style of one hat and decided to put a flower motif from another on it... Oh and the pattern it was in Norwegian. I just didn't think about it, I read and did what I thought was what I was being told to do...

People look at my knitting and say they could NEVER do that... Never do what? Knit their mitts too small. SURE THEY CAN. If I can so can you!! And then I can rip them out without a single tear... I get to knit longer and again with the Bollicina. That isn't bad, and cause Saturday I went to get needles a size up, made a sacrifice to the Knit Goddess' altar (ohhhhhmmmmm let me have enough yarn- especially in the brown I bought over a year ago- ahhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm) and start back in on them. They are addictive, they are cute, they are tiny, and once you get in the hang of it the pattern is fairly intuitive in its own way. Then... I realised that they might just still be a bit too tight. So they are on hold. But they will be made and I will show them.

Maybe Too Tight

Sometimes I get people fussy that I say anyone can do what I do knitting wise. Don't I have talent, take pride in my craft; I am unique I should revel in that fact. Sure... I am all of that, but none of it precludes anyone else from doing the exact same themselves. Most projects I have seen are constructed from a knit and a purl, of varying incarnations. I have learned most things (except the initial basics which I did finally take a course for once I got back from Norway) on my own, in a fearless kind of way. Or maybe it is thoughtless... because letting my free-spirited "niece" who dressed herself in 8 layers of clothing that looked like someone ate too many Skittles and then went on whirly-twirly pick the pattern and the yarn, while telling the whole of the Weaving Works staff that she was A FAIRYwas ASKING for trouble. But my first sweater... It was the ladybugs. Colourwork and Steeks were involved... I call it baptism by fire and it is one of those constants (along with uncertainty) in my life.

That said... I did take my needles out of the Endpaper Mitts (they are also my generic sock needles and I heart them something fierce... try to take them away or make me change and I will CUT YOU!) and decided I would start knitting something else with them. I was twitchy in that odd kind of way for some reason. I think these needles were lonely and wanted to be knit with... At least that is what I am going with.

Potty Starts

So what did I do... I chose another pattern that would involve a chart! OF COURSE... (we are not going to mutter about how I tinked back 4 rounds when I realised I had done the SAME FUCKING THING all over AGAIN) I started myself a pair of Pomatumus socks. I am always behind the trend... but I had what I was sure was the perfect yarn (Schaeffer Anne- don't know the colourway) gifted to me in an exchange with Jodi I don't know how long ago. It had to have been a while though as it was when I was still on the good side of the deities. It was all pretty in its wound up cake. So I let it sit there for eons (call it decor, please) then I pet it, then I saw the pattern said it would work perfect I bet (cause finding patterns for variagated yarns is NOT easy people). Then I let the sock marinate for months on end. It took a pique of spite for me to cast them on... and knit away. I got this much done in effectively one day. Then they sat for two days... and now after watching XMen3 and a few other downloads... they look like this only a wee bit longer.

Potty Up Close

Now, I wasn't sure in the beginning that I liked the way the yarn was knitting up. Felt like I was seeing some slight pooling and I can get a bit OCD about that. But I figured I'd just keep going because Sweet Jesus I was not in the mood to start something else (I have too many UFO's flying around in here as it is) my fingers were twitching and as my mantra goes... worst thing that happens is I rip it out and start over again. And as a process more than product knitter, that doesn't cause me to break out in hives.

Now I think they are looking pretty damn good (though if they pool I am going to start in with the epithets) and hoping to finish at least one of the socks up before I go back to knitting a mitt... and then I think I will try to alternate so that I get these two projects done and can "Finish!!" Cutaway that is sitting in a pile and also rip out and restart the Lara once someone tells me how to read English again, because if nothing else... Knitting proves that I am illiterate :)

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January 19, 2007

Eye Candy Friday

As I learn more about photography and fall more in rapture with it, I am more and more in love with some of my photos...

This here is one of those serendipitous instants...

Set It In Motion

Knit blog post probably tomorrow when I take a few more project photos in hopefully... light :) Sweet 2 maybe even 3 posts in a month! Someone call my psychiatrist please!! Hehe...

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January 16, 2007

New Year, New Content

The Sun Sets on 2006... and Hopefully Will Rise in 2007

Setting on 2006

January is a rough month in my book. First there is that whole resolutions thing I tend to eschew. But with the battering ram that was 2006 hitting head on, I feel the need to try and start this year with some goals... I guess my first goal is to take inventory of my life and make the little steps happen, with kindness and openness. And maybe blog a bit with some knitting again...

Then there is that hibernation instinct that kicks in with steel-toed boots. Not to mention something about wanting to be thankful for sweeping out the old year (and in this case quite the shitty one which can KISS MY WHITE ASS on the way out... in case there is any confusion- THAT IS ALL OF IT) and approbation about the tidings that a New Year might bring. So yeah I am not too fond of January, and at the same time... pissed that half of it is already gone!!

This year no matter what will bring change. I am not sure what I think about this because I am not good with change in general. So far, things have gotten off to a a shaky start, with abnormal medical results indicating possibly cancerous cells that were biopsied yesterday. T Minus 15 to finding out if they are begin or what the hell we do next about them. Thanks Fati Ignoranti... I thought we were clear that the Universe in 2007 would be A-OK if you stopped having a right go at me.

In other changes that I am, but am not, ready for; I left my job. I know it's a pretty big one huh?? I got to NYC/Seattle for the holidays and knew that it was the right decision. It was as if on leaving the building, I got a piece of me back and some tranquility (oh and had a kick ass time in NYC- though being in the states... it is like I am Alice looking through the looking glass!). Only now I have no job and that always gives me anxiety attacks.

In the end it boiled down to this: Anything that eats my soul alive, deprives me of creativity and joie de vivre, gives me a bleeding ulcer, and makes me want to violently maim the SOB I had to work with. Him who tosses a stapler across my desk and says I don't know how to load this you *MUST* do it for me. And then when I do so, shell-shocked, as closing it asks "do you *THINK* it will work??" I don't fucking know let's *STAPLE* something to your *FOREHEAD* and find out... Yeah message clear. My soul has a higher price, and this not worth it. So it is TIME TO GO. Luckily I had time to prepare and I have good "end of duty" benefits. So I will be traveling around and tying up strings until possibly the end of March/beginning of April. Don't ask for anymore details. You know as much as I do and if you ask I will end up in the a corner with my helmet on, banging my head against the wall and humming as I think about the future-unknown that has no forward moving point except for likely moving to another country. HMMMM HMMMM HMMMMMMMM

So what do I do in the middle of all this uncertainty that evaporates that one uni-dose of sanity I had in reserve?? First I drooled over these knitted wee goodies (gallery here). Then I decided to knit them GOD DAMN IT. So I sat down with some luxury yarn that a very Super Reebeeki helped indecisive-me pick while in Seattle (Bollicina how I LOVE THEE, if I were rich I'd make a sweater out of this yarn) and the pattern on my computer screen. I proceeded to make a few not repeatable utterances while trying to figure out the Italian Tubular Cast on. But the result is cool (if a bit floppy for my tastes...)

Endpaper Mitts 1 P+P copy

After that I pulled out graph paper to put the chart on my beloved magneto board. I sat down with my knitting and watched some teen angst shows. Then I searched for more TV because I was addicted to the little buggers and did not want to put the knitting down. Some people knit while they read, me I knit while watching TV. I found Friends and saw I could put it in English. I was disturbed to hear Friends in English for the first time in years. Most American television I watch is dubbed... and the voices now sound WEIRD to me. Next I decided that the 3 colour idea I had doesn't work. (says prayer to knitting goddess that I will have enough yarn) Rip out and start over again.

Endpaper Mitts 2 P+P copy

Get into the colourwork groove (sorry the close up isn't that sharp and a bit blown out, Mr. De Mille would be disappointed). Not doing too bad knit-wise if I say so myself... Gauge seems to be fairly even if a wee bit tight. Colours are gorgeous, if un-photographable (at least with my skills but I am learning more and having fun with the baby :) They feel a bit tight but I want to get higher up on the hand before I rip back to the lifelines I have put in. Or in worst case scenario I go up a needle size and start over again. I can handle it.

BUT WAIT... there is a hitch, also known as a PLEA FOR HELP, otherwise you would see at least one finished mitt, if not a pair. Here it is: I cannot for my life figure out how to do the increases. I don't mean that I can't figure out how to do a M1. No, I can't figure out how to increase in pattern. Granted I read my graph/chart from L to R (I can't remember which direction you are supposed to go) if that is my fuck up characteristic.

But my brain is pulling the "Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect One EndPaper Mitt" card where the directions say:
"Next round: Work across Chart B to first false "seam" stitch, m1 in pattern, p1 in main color, m1 in pattern, work Row 2 of Chart B (working from left to right), p1..
Continue as set, working an increase round as above every 3rd row 8 times more. 75 sts total, 18 increased."

My piddly brain cannot for the LIFE OF ME figure this pattern line out... the increase in pattern thing is KILLING my knitting mojo (next up on the plate is Lara, and Ill be asking for help there too... I need lots of help, I am an Enigma Wrapped in a Spanish Tortilla :) And this is really, really, RILLY frustrating the everliving daylights out of me, as I despite the fact that global warming is eliminating my need for them... I want to finish these mitts!!

Anyone have some illuminating light to shine my way? Bueller???

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