November 30, 2005

For the Bloody Love of God

Can anyone tell me how the fuck you get Blogger to let you insert a blogpoll in the text of your post?? I have a whole bloody post ready to go and this is screwing it up! GAH...

I have tried with Blogpolls, Bravenet and some of the others that Blogger lists in their addons thingy; and am THIS close to going consular on Bloggers ass... all this no javascript bullshit. I know other blogger users have done it. And I want to too!!!

So if any of you could come to the help of a foul damsel in distress... she would appreciate it highly and might just blow you kisses for your trouble.

Oh and for the record... I will be taking live in January 2006. I know I have said it before but this time I am doing the preparations (more on that soon!) and setting it all up. I am sure I will start bitching about MT at that stage but it has to be better than Blogger.

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