December 05, 2005

ME ME ME ME- Funny how Meme Spells Out Isnt It??

The box is not big enough to put on my head- but Mama Mao delivered on the goods. And kick ass previous boss brought em back. I am in possession of one black 60G IPod. Not a fucking clue what to do with it or how to make it work, but it is all mine and the dancing has commenced.

Knitting update?? It waits till the next post (when I have had time to make technology bend to my will). As does the colour game for Salina (whee ego boost- people do comment :)

For now you can have meme’s. You want to blame it on anyone- Crazy Aunt Purl is the go to girl. I usually don’t get tagged with these things, but she went and tagged the whole internets. So enjoy. And if this doesn’t do it for you… go see the new Knitty.

TEN random things you might not know about me
1. My father passed away when I was 2 months old, to the day.
2. The size of my stomach and my bladder were arguably inversed at birth
3. I learned to knit on a complete whim, because it was dark and there was nothing else to do in the middle of a Norwegian winter.
4. I was a competitive collegiate cheerleader at a cheerleading powerhouse university. For one semester… it was like being in a cult down South! But I sure did love the flying in the air part.
5. For the most part I do not like my foods to touch each other on the plate, and I almost never swirl my foods together (unless they come that way)
6. I get GRUMPY without Dairy in my life. Milk is to me what coffee and tea are to the rest of you masses. My friends when I go off the edge in a serious way- they bring dairy.
7. I waddle when I walk, like a duck. A graceful duck. That is what 16 years of gymnastics and professional dance do- it’s called Turn Out and I got it in spades!
8. I can crack just about any joint in my body on command
9. My family owned the largest piece of land by an individual (130,000+acres/60,000hectares/approx12x17 miles) in the state of Arizona (until we sold it to an Indian Tribe). It was the family cattle ranch. And I grew up branding cows, wiring barbed wire fences, and wearing shit-kickers.
10. I could swim and ride a horse by myself before I could walk. Though I probably ought to pity the horse and its mane that I mangled…

NINE places I’ve visited (or lived)
1. Egypt
2. Italy
3. Norway
4. Turkey
5. Spain
6. Greece
7. Sweden
8. England
9. Scotland

EIGHT ways to win my heart
1. Make me laugh
2. Accept me for who I am, and be willing to let me grow
3. Show kindness to others
4. Be honest (and that is damn different than tactlessly honest)
5. Get me Abuela's Ring
6. Have an accent. I go particularly weak in the knees for English, Scottish, Aussie and Irish ones. But a good Spanish or Italian one can melt the heart too.
7. Debate with me, engagingly. And challenge me.
8. Indulge my insanity/neuroses

SEVEN things I want to do before I die
1. Travel more, lots more and all over. But especially to continents not previously represented.
2. Have a family
3. Learn about photography. Serious I want to know how to take the pretty photos with the SLR and how to photoshop’em up.
4. Architecturally design my own home
5. Come to peace with my father’s death
6. Earn my pilot’s license
7. Skydive

SIX things I’m afraid of
1. Ever having to deal with or encounter NASTY EX again
2. Not finding someone to love and be loved by
3. Being old at heart, yup I’d rather be developmentally delayed (as I am) than old at heart!
4. Not being accepted back for my PhD (i.e. Failure)
5. Being dependant on someone else for my needs and more
6. Irrationally (or rationally in my family) afraid of silence

FIVE things I don’t like
1. Fanaticism, in any shape or form
2. The horribly disproportionate sense of entitlement and materialism in the US culture (kind of copying Cara on this one but really I would have said it on my own too. Great minds just think alike :)
3. Intolerance, which when paired with ignorance or blind ignorance is deathly
4. Being talked to condescendingly
5. Chickpeas (sounds odd but if you knew the childhood trauma story, you would understand)

FOUR ways to turn me off
1. Paint me into a corner, I am a human not some creation in your mind that must fit your parameters never to step out of the box!
2. Be over critical and try to take me apart bit by bit
3. Make a joke of gender as an analytical lens. This is what I do- it isn’t a joke either
4. Be insecure in yourself, it shows

THREE things I do every day
1. Ride the Metro
2. Drink milk
3. Crack my neck,back, hips etc...

TWO things that make me happy
1. Living in Europe
2. Reading

ONE thing on my mind right now
1. I just noticed I am sporting some Muffin Top- and it has GOT TO GO. I need to get more active people!

Meme 2: For shits and giggles
A: Area Code You Are In Right Now: +33 6
B: Birthday: June 29, 1977
C: Current Crush: I got lots of them. Like Eddie Izzard for starts...
D: Favorite Drink: Milk. Cranberry Juice mmmm and water. Vodka, Vino and Amaretto for the non-PG drinks.
E: Eating Currently: Cheese puffs, yogurt, and madeleines- how bout dem apples for a healthy lunch.
F: Favorite Food: Hard choice... Comfort foods I would give my right arm to have made for me- Abuela's Arroz con Leche or her Holiday soup. Hell I'd give for the recipes actually. Foods I can get at any time
G: Who Do You Go To For Advice: Not that many people anymore. My network is a bit diminished as of late. So I go to the litte voice inside my head.
H: Happy or Sad: Can I be in between?? It is a Monday afterall
I: I think: I think thinking can be overrated sometimes.
J: Job: Much more glamourous sounding than the reality of this place...
K: Any Kids: nope- not yet. But one day I hope
L: I Love: dancing like there is no one watching
M: Favorite Movie: again hard choices for the time being I am going to do a double pull on comedy. I am in a make me laugh mood. I LOVE Zorro the Gay Blade and have since childhood. After that we have 4 Weddings and a Funeral. Still makes me laugh and I am known to shout FUCK-A-DOODLE-DOOO thanks to that movie :)
N: Your Phone Number: +33 06. no drunk dialers
P: Favorite Perfume or Cologne: Signature perfume- Angel by Thierry Mugler, Summery Perfume; Hesperidies by Fresh, and natural scent I adore- Lemon Verbena
Q: A Little Quirk About Yourself: Little, only one. HAHAHAHA
R: Last Road Trip: well there was one to the Centre of France and there is one this weekend to Normandie and Bretagne
S: Tell Us One Secret: Shhhh I am
T: Favorite TV Show: Ohh that is hard, I love lots of them. US TV- has to be Law and Order. (though I am a regular for Sex and the City, Nip Tuck, Southpark, and a few others) For French TV- I am going to say La Methode Cauet. And for Brit TV… well I am going to split that up- “old School” No doubts- Are You Being Served. “New school” Coupling and for the “Irish” of the shows Father Ted.
U: Color of your Underwear: Most often black but sometimes you have to play guess the colour of the knickers
V: Last Time You Were in Vegas: It was either 5 or 10 years ago… I am not a Vegas Girl.
W: Wishful Thinking: that I will never have to take another computerized exam (GRE, Language Proficiency etc) in my life.
X: X-Rays Taken This Year: Lungs, done twice as I didn’t souffle enough- to prove to the French that I did not have Tuberculosis
Y: Your Favorite Year of your Life: one to come
Z: Zodiac Sign: Cancer, and I am sooooo a Cancer in about every way you can think of...

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