November 22, 2005

World "Events" from a Frazzled Foreign Correspondent

Last week was a death march, I quite seriously was not sure I would survive. No joking here either boys and girls. Occasional thoughts of running down blvd St. Germain naked with the ball and chain to jump off Pont Neuf nekkid occured. Been a while since I have been at that point on the mentality scale… I restrained myself but exhaustion, it was holistic and complete. I think the positive outcome of my convalescence might have had to do with the well established healing powers of Cheesy Bread. Just a guess... Anyways I crashed my ass out the whole weekend, except for the essential errands I ran- MUST GET CHEESY BREAD. And I am thankful for it now cause crashed out on a sofa, Tink can knit. Now onto your news alerts…

Code Red Alert to all knitters in Seattle/PAC Northwest: If any one reads this blather from that part of the world and are interested in meeting up, a very odd convergence zone has settled above me and it looks like I will be back in my favorite/home US town for the Christmas holidays. I will be doing TONS of stuff, but a yarn store crawl is already on the list (Weaving Works as my all time favorite will be the first stop, there may or may not be others considering the damage I do). And I will be prepared! Prepared knowing that I will hit serious overwhelm with a side dish of indecision. So feel free to email if you want to join or say hello- I don’t bite… unless you ask me to, Promise.

As I heard no Ribbon Twist wisdom I have blocked 2 sleeves via my outlined method. And tonight a front is going on the floor (don’t worry Helen… I vacuumed :) I am really gonna try and get this one done soon. Once the back is blocked I can seam up the shoulders, knit up the collar, and then play the set in sleeves game before mattress stitching us all to a finished sweater.

Illicit knitting has taken place… and since I can’t get my act together to make a Clapotis post here are the essential talking points… I started a Clapotis in Brown RYC Cashsoft many moons ago, before my London trip. I knit one ball plus and realised that I hadn’t been closing the yarn overs and I had all these holes… I was a bit concerned about this and what it would do to dropped stitches. So in a whopping brainer of an idea, I decided to go across the whole of what I had knit and drop the stitches to see what it looked like. It mostly looked ok. Only now with all the dropped stitches (some not the right ones) I needed to rippit!

I ripped it all back, I started again after asking some sage counsel and then I promptly ignored the Clapotis on the needles. I ignored it all the way to the Loire (about a month). As I was the designated driver, I didn’t get much knitting time on the holiday weekend. But I did bring it out at fire time (when I snapped at my friend, a friend who has been a happy recipient of my knitting I might add- though she calls the basic cables hat her Penis Hat, and that alone should get me the Google searches. Anyways she was saying "wasn’t I all Gran…" you wanna say that to the lady that is driving you round Paris and L’Etoile?? THAT is what I thought!), and then when I got back to town and rode a metro ligne that didn’t make me nauseuous due to what I call the cattle car effect, I knit on it.

This past weekend I finished the first ball and yesterday I got to go home early and knit on it all night getting to the point where I dropped the first two sets of stitches. And it was at that stage I decided… since Mama Mao was part of the convergence pattern enabling a US shopping trip and Mama Mao likes brown, Mama Mao gets a Clapotis for Christmas. This is my knitting for the next month people. I will seam up Helen’s Sweater. I will knit this Clapotis, and if all goes crazy and there is a moment to spare, I will try to force myself to undertake valium ribbing knitting of the collar for Pretty Wrappy Top. Yeah the relic in the UFO pile…

Consider yourself informed

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