November 17, 2005

Help, Help, Help...

Imagine that being said in a meek voice with a yelp sound to it and you can hear me loud and clear. It is official I am fully snowed under. But that will not stop me. No... only death (who is SO luriking around the corner) will get me. BWAHAHAHAHAHA

So I have a quickie post about Helen's lovely sweater knit in Ribbon Twist with BIG HONKING 12mm needles that is all knit up (except for the collar). In the hope of doing a complete post on the sweater and getting it to Helen... I am asking for advice in advance. We all know I am not big on the finishing bit so I looked at a certain site that usually has all sorts of details about that stuff. I creamed a few (in particular seaming with a finer yarn- now to find me one of those, hehe) but... not the one I am immediately looking for.

This is my first time knitting Ribbon Twist (a yarn that is composed of unspun roving (at least I think that is the fiber term...) with a space-dyed ribbon swirling it with a thread holding it all together) and the ends be a curling. Thus the concept of blocking the pieces comes to mind. Previously when I knit a Lopi sweater (the closest to this kind of guage Tink has ever gotten) it was blocked using a professional upright steamer at the LYS... needles to say- that ain't happening this time.

So I am coming to you, yee of brilliance and founts of knowledge, and any Rowanettes out there- Help a girl out!!

How would you go about blocking Helen's Sweater?

Please note the following two points. One, my iron does not do steam very well. The water well plug part was broken (before I moved in, the iron came with the flat). And two- I am dealing with limited space, and limited supply of towels, so this is going to be a piece meal approach.

In the interest of Full Disclosure: Blocking is being done on Saturday and Sunday.
My current guess of what to do would be to pin the sucker out to the dimensions I want. Stick a towel (a mid level towel- not a shower nor dish towel in between them for thickness) in the shower, blast it with HOT water. Burn hands wringing towel out, say FUCK a lot (it blesses the sweater). Place said towel on top of pinned out piece. Let it meld a bit, and then iron the towel paying SPECIAL attention to not felt the bugger but ensure that I do flatten out the edges.

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