May 19, 2005

Toto Try to Put Your Feet Down

Damn it has been a tornado over here with the turbines continuing the output of WOOOSH sounds. While it may have been a long weekend, it sure didn’t feel like it. Yup some of us here in France get a day off for someone jumping out of the clouds…Have to respect a country that has a holiday for skydiving :) And some people spent it on strike. Bienvenue à France. I had a great time with friends but drained myself of most all energy it seems. And MAN if that and all those damn stairs you climbed don’t catch up with you.

So here is a very quick rundown of things Chez Tink:

First of all I got thebookthebookthebook from Anna! I am so in LOVE with it and can’t thank Anna enough for her kind RAOK and the Harlot for being well herself and writing it down. It totally made my day. I have almost finished reading it because I had to sit and read on Tuesday instead of knit :) I don’t even want to bend the spine of it, I love it that much. And yes it will be going with me to the KIP at Brentano’s this weekend, if they don’t carry it I will tell them that they ought to! Should any other “locals” read here (besides Kate) you are welcome to meet up for Café Tricoter on this (May 21) Saturday morning between 10:30 to 12. I will be going to the Paris Loisirs before hand at l’Hotel de Ville so I should get to Brentano’s (avenue de l’Opéra) at around 11. Let's all pray they carry a knitting bible for Tink to buy at a REASONABLE price before she spontaneously combusts with this waiting thing :)

Next up on the plate: there might be a shindig next week and I am TOTALLY stoked!! There will be knit bloggers to potentially meet here in town next week. I am so excited about this all I can't type more about it. The pressure it is ON :)

Which brings us to Martha- which sidenote, I really want a better name for her, she deserves to have a name better than a OBC jailbird :) I have knit one front up to the arm hole/front shaping. Many might ask why I don’t just finish a bloody piece, besides that back, before I trek on to start another. They would be reasonable. It is because of two things.

One I am not sure how I want to seam Martha together i.e. should I make the right side the wrong side and vice versa or something like that :)
Second because I am not sure what neck line she should have. Most cardis I get are V-necks same for tops. I go for cowl, turtle, boat and V necks like crazy (after taking a look at my wardrobe). GAH!
At least I found here to give me an idea of a Vneck look and the lovely and talented Bonne Marie has her version with a picture about a curved neckline option. I am visual people MUST.SEE to decide.

Anyways I am knitting like a DEMON to finish knitting her in time for the possible shindig. I am hoping to prey with my stupidity on the kindness of others. Yes you all may consider this a warning that I might just try to make any KIP into a SIP for me (seam in public). So I am now knitting feverishly on the second front.

And you know what I have a meditation for you all to end the post:
You know you knit too much when you honestly contemplate typing a post with your nose or your toes because you want to get an extra couple of rows in during your lunch break in the office.

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