May 09, 2005

I Would Like to Introduce You to My Fairy Yarn Mother

Her name is Snooze. She is the worlds bestest. This random and gorgeous person picks up on my blog from my ranting and raving and steps in to wave a wand around.

First out of nowhere like the blogless Liz whom I utterly adore and am going to finish those Koigu socks... and lest I forget (*edited: SOOOO sorry!!! I posted the wrong version- this is why one should check which version, home or work, of a document you are working on!*) Terri who enabled me into a great Bay area store where I got to touch yarns and take home some Lorna's Laces sock yarn.

Snooze sends me a book when I was dealing with the play like your job offer is a piñata game dark pit; just you know to pick up my spirits. Then she ups the ante as she has read this whole blog and sends me GUSHERS!!! Oh the glory of Gushers…

But not content to leave it there she goes one step further to make my Monday morning today. As when I exited the flat the postman had just placed a small package in my boite. So I pulled it out and since she of divine fairieness has a wonderful packaging ability, I waited till I got to work to open it. Ravaging a package whilst on the métro only to pull out yarn and rub it against your face in the car of the work commuters does make tend to make them well STARE at you.

Would you like to know what this lovely lady (of whom I am totally jealous of- she has met theharlottheharlottheharlot, been blogged about by theharlottheharlottheharlot, I am betting she has thebookthebookthebook (oh I will get that book one day yes I will!), and many photos of theyarntheyarntheyarn along with access to Gushers :) sent me... Moonlight Shimmer! OH MI GOD

Mama Mao best love her Mother’s Day socks and be willing to ship yarn to me. Cause I see a yarn purchase coming up for her to ship me! I am no longer feeling Knitpicks hesitant/reticent. Now to see what I will make with the hank of shimmer I have, oh the ideas I might knit…

More entertaining (as I truly do entertain much easier than you might guess, and really it would frighten you how easy it is to make me laugh like a bowl full of jelly) she sent me a clip on belly ring. This stemmed from a comment on the post about Mama Mao sending me $220 orthopedic clogs that gave me vision changing jolts of pain (for which she is still pouting over, I of heathen status have rejected her clogs that have a spring for a heel).

Anyone who bats more than two eyelashes at me knows that even in my pragmatic nature I don’t do orthopedic clogs. Born, Dankso, Birkentstock, Dr. Scholls- sure. THESE shoes (link coming to a computer near you tomorrow), that is a negative ghost rider. Leading Snooze to say that she could see leather pants, or a belly ring but not orthopedic shoes, even she knew better. And to be honest if it weren't for the big needle deal I might have gotten one by now. Anyways, I may not love my tummy but I will be sporting it and there will be photos. Though a photo shoot at work might really make them think I am crazy, not just insane.

Martha Tink Tries Artsy

On the knitting front- I have finished the back of Martha, the sleeves are both back up to the evil shaping stage, and I have started a front (that is on halt as I need. I think Polly describes knitting 4ply cotton best. This takes FOREVER.

Martha Sleeve 2

Why am I such a flake on these IT things... well I am fighting myself on this. Part of me says get the internet at the flat, then you can be all involved and such things that being hip in the 21st century and connected implies. But the internet in the flat sucks me into a deep dark vortex from which I know that time disappears. I kind of like my calm and relaxed evenings, but then again I end up staying much later at work to satisfy my internet fix. Chances are I am going to try and figure out a way to do it. Hence the note to self: must learn self control.

And to leave you with your laugh of the day that I got after turning in the paper with two salvageable sentences that gave me a cherry topped ulcer… this is PERFECT. Do not click through should you be prudish, it is knitting gone... well nothing profane but not for those people who wish to ignore anatomy. I totally almost wee’d when I saw it. It screams Kitten, La and Rock Chick.

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