April 25, 2005

Hey Lookie There!

So this was a morning of revelations... the first being that hey not only do I love this cabled baby turquoise (can't think of better color description) turtleneck I have; but even better when I haven't pulled it all the way down it looks really cute as a turtleneck shrug. Especially when matched with that light blue top, for the two toned adorable look.

Now I could be on crack, it wouldn't be any thing new... but then I thought to myself, hey self... you could totally get yourself that cool Scarf Style book and MAKE that. You wanted to make it with the Cork yarn that Divine Emma sent you... That leads to another delusional thought, cause after finding out that your bank charges a 2.5% commission for purchases outside the EU (in addition to the 8€ per month just to have a Carte Bleu) as transactional banking fees that are charged for currency conversion (anyone else calling that BULLSHIT... yeah I AM!)- you hallucinate that you should go look at yarns in the States.

So where did I go? I headed over to Knitpicks. I am thinking I need CHEAP ass projects, and I want to check out their yarn anyways. I had hoped to get an idea in a box Momma Mao had sent. However (and this is NOT said with ingratitude, just irritation), my mother the lug she is sends me an unannounced "early birthday present" (note one chosen without my input or consultation... I am too old for that shit!).

And what do you think she sends? Yarn- Negative ghostrider; she sends $200 "orthepedic" shoes. To me who does NOT have foot problems, unlike my mother.

See Not Joking

And oh yeah that is what we wear here in Paris. Like I don't feel freakish enough for not having a pair of stilletto boots as it is... But even worse these are hideous looking things that give me vision changing joint pains (and then she pouts when I say I am returning them to her, though I don't ask her for anything else!) and a HUGE stock pile of Peeps, but not the conditioner I NEED nor the yarn from Knitpicks when she has their retail store 20 minutes from her... GAH!

Wait. Where was I before that no-warning rant... oh yeah I went to Knitpicks site, and you know what... they have their summer line of yarns up. That includes cotton options for the cotton knitters. I don't think that includes me too much but it is nice to look! And they also have other colors up in other yarns (hmmm someone see me searching for turquoise blue- the new green Chez Tink)

India Sock

Oh and as a random update I have almost finished the second India sock. It is almost at the start of the starburst toe shaping. Which means done easily by the end of the week. And in my fidgety weekend of trying to relax (well that was until we realized that when we shook our derrière to some good music it continued shaking well past when my hips stopped. Oh lordy! We (my ass and me) freaked out; that, THAT is NOT acceptable. And then this morning on the way into work registered our ass (which is seemingly expanding at the same rate as the US national debt) for a gym with most of this months yarn allowance ("stash knitting" commences) I started two other sets of needles. Jittery means something here Chez Tink.

One is another sock, in the yarn I got from Germany when I bought my favorite sock knitting needles (only in the "wrong" size- see more reinforcement that contrary to what my boss thinks - Smart, it does NOT reside here!) on really tiny needles (size US 0/2mm). Which made me think that tie front top I would love to make, I want to be done with fine gauge yarn for that professional kind of look. Yeah I am on crack over here.

The other was getting back to work on Martha. I got fed up with her sleeves so I switched out the needles and started the back and have about 5 inches (starting the increases) done on the back. I have a feeling finishing this is going to be a pain, and really I dont finish things so I am in deep shizer.

Oh yeah and I got an email directly from Kim Hargreaves! I asked if patterns would ever be available seperate from the yarn kits... Seems not, so if anyone wants to go in and split out yarn and pattern I am up for it :)

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