April 15, 2005

Big Pimpin Style

In case you did not know... I am ALL about the Bling-Bling. I like to say I am not a big bad capitalist and all that but if you offer me things, while I know that they do not make my happiness, I will sure as hell still take em! Especially when they come for free!

I was reading about this new search engine offer over at Mac's. Basically it is another beta deal, like Gmail only for a search engine. I signed up through her invitation and am currently trying the search engine out. I have to say that it seems nice and has a decent interface, which is a bit more stylish than plain Google. I have dug in and for all I can tell it is legit, and if it is not the worst that could happen is Spam. And since I already know how to deal with that... I figure this is WELL worth a chance!

Basically the way it works is instead of using Google for your internet searches, you use Blingo. And to soothe your searching soul, Blingo applies the Google search engine for your search. Which begs the question of why use them? For the Bling Bling baby! The spin is that they choose random times and random people making searches at that time to give Amazon gift certificates, Ipods, DVRs and other goodies.

Hopefully some time this month they will get the toolbar installation up and running, making it that much easier to use and maybe win. And then you search, seach and search to your little hearts content. Then just for searching, you could win something! That simple.

I found my link and signed up through Mac. Mac found it from Kymberlie (the goddess of winning free things from the looks of it), who has already won a movie ticket.

So here is the link to sign up and then go search your little hearts off. And please use the link, because the best bit of Blingo is that if you sign up through me and then win something, I win too! Blingo it is the new way to search :)

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