April 12, 2005


Ok. So I have gotten fed up with Blogger. I am going to move over to an independant deal. I will say more about this later but right now I must rage against the machine.

I went and I bought my domain today. I typed in www.fidgetyknitting.com cause that is what I wanted. I am fidgetyknitting non? I verified it, I know you need to check those things and I DID. And then I get my email that www.fidgettyknitting.com has been registered. So I email with in 5 minutes of the purchase, saying HEY I typed in something else. I checked it, I'd like to have the right domain. They say essentially fuck off. You can buy another domain if you want but we won't fix that one that you typed in right and got all screwy afterwards.

So besides bitching and being crabby as all fuck about this (and my seriously shitty work day today) what to do?? So chime in please.

Do I:
a. give up the ghost and dump the whole deal;
b. change the spelling of the blog name and live with it; or
c. pay up and get the right domain name instead of using that money to buy yarn or liquor, pay off third world debt (or grad school debt which I should pay attention to too!) or go to Cabo.


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