April 05, 2005

Just Thinking...

I know that there is a long running series in my life of NO TINK ONLY YOU stories... I have resigned myself to that fate and hope that it entertains others. I mean do I need to ask if anyone else at 8 am on the way to pick up their packages at La Poste have a man, wearing a full face covering plastic Three Little Pigs mask, come up and try to start a discussion with them? No, I didn't think so... but really is it just me, or is it WRONG- make that 16 different kinds of WRONG, to charge more than 50% (59% to be exact) of the purchase value in shipping charges when it is only going from Germany to France and weighs less than a kilo?? Crack Cocaine ships for cheaper my friends (do not ask how I know this, infer it yourself- it is your creative adventure and challenge for the day).

I know, I know, I shouldn't be bitching... I did the invincible and found my yarn where it was not to be found before. Plus it is (in equivalent values; yes people I work with Economists... get ready for the lingo/jargon) at least 33% less than the prices in the states with shipping charges included. And it is well noted that having lived in Euroland for the last year and a half while being funded on dollars has given me a VERY intimate relationship and acquaintance with the barrel and all postionings around it possible. So theoretically this should not bother or surprise me...

But SHIT! All I can say is: Where is the lube... and that post better be here POSTE FUCKING HASTE you hear!

Oh yeah and while I am at the whole memo writing deal lets adress the following:

When I say ENGLISH SPEAKER ONLY, that really means I haven't a fucking clue how to read in German and am tired of seeing my coworkers face when I have to ask him to come and translate for the loony pink yarn buying freak (though he makes no second glances when people drink tequila and talk to the worm).

Further to the memo- I debunk the "all Germans speak perfect English" myth... not these ones. I am getting head aches from trying to understand your "English."

And our last point related to my temperment- I already have crochety people at another international organisation trying to treat me like I am a dumb blonde and will do their work for them because I am a dumb blonde that wouldn't know that you are trying to go around my bosses comments to you or that whole push off manoeuvre...

I have four words on my policy for that "friend" ZERO TOLERLANCE FOR ASSHATS.

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