April 04, 2005

First Comes Famine

And then comes the out of control feasting!!! HOLY SHIT, No one warned me about how FUCKING EXPENSIVE it was to be an adult again! Thankfully since I have a tiny belly (the family joke is that size of my bladder was inversed with the size of my stomach and that there are dromedary genetics imbedded in me) there has been no out of control eating. Really I am not into this whole cyclical thing anyways. I love the rollercoaster on the way up but I have to say that in growing up life has taught me to be a bit wary of the way down. And this adult business thing is telling me that I need to learn how to manage my time a bit better and more evenly.

But having a job, a kick ass team and manager, a paycheck and feeling all quasi secure has lead to an all out explosion over here with my pocketbook going to shattered bits. I go out for dinner and/or drinks at least once a week. The past two Saturdays I have gone clothes shopping (nothing major but SOMETHING and all for work). And of important interest to this blog, I have gone yarn shopping. Hell I have even knitted recently- shock of all shocks.

Yes my friends I am on the quest to create me a mini stash! And support the whole German economy while doing it! I had three objectives and one was met today. I have searched, I have been warned off, but I have conquered! I am Spanish after all. This country is mine, now where do I plant my flag to make it mine? (Special prize if you get that joke/quote!) After 101 emails and a long period where I was completely lost in translation- I think I have gotten me a SHIT LOAD of sock yarn. Objective One Obliterated! Now on to the Pretty Wrappy Top yarn and Rebecca books for me!

But for our current adventure the hunt started when I decided to treat myself to some of that Regia Jubilee India. I wanted Paris and Provence too but India was the goal! Dreams of being on the beaches in Goa flittered through my mind. I went around and ALL the places that I knew used to have it had dried up. In some cranky and spotty English I learned that the India Jubilee was not a normal line of yarn. And that it might be the D word! DISCONTINUED. no No NO!!! that is not acceptable says I who wants to spend money that I shouldn't/don't REALLY have! and if you dont think it is either you can email them to say so too! Demand creates supply people- its a circle :) And if you stay quiet there are consequences! So email away saying you want the Jubilee to stay: Gertraud.Sabatowski@coats.com or marion.ringwald@coats.com.

So after some more hunting and forcing a co-worker to come into the office to help me buy some pink sock yarn (really the odd looks I get, for the innocent shit when they don't blink at me doing the scary shit...) That is right I found it and I am going broke, cause I bought STOCK in it. One of the balls has my name on them, and another has Leya's. And if I really love it might go back and get more.

Even better I have not only SEX content (that is Stash Enhancing Xpedition for my favorite fellow gutter waders) I have knitting content. Cause guess what I did. Well first last thursday I finished my lacy, on the fly, I made it up and I LOVE it sock.

Vine Lace Koigu Sock 2

Well minus that kitchener part... But tradgedy of all tragedy's I forgot the second one I had started at work on Friday. So what is a girl to do? Well she is to pick up that turquoise blue 4ply Cotton and start knitting. And what do all good knitters start with. A swatch... or in my case a sleeve that they call a swatch. I was a bit concerned on size and gauge but I am just going to go with it. I will figure out as I go and that which doesn't kill me, will not have cost me a fortune and will give me things to wear. I am currently attempting to gauge where to start the shaping so that the sleeve hit petite me in the right spot. Let's hope there is not a lot of re-knitting involved in this experiment.

And that folks is all for this edition of random run by knitting hit. Tag you are it, I am off to knit a sock and sleeve :)

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