March 30, 2005

SQUEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!

Yup I am red handed. I haven’t blogged in a while. Life has definitely caught up with me, and now I am going to catch you up! Hold on for a random ride through the life Tink leads.

So when I got back from the joy-ride round the death wheel through the tenth ring of Consular Hell, I had postal notices to pick things up. Now I have to admit La Poste is my nemesis. I am horrible about getting there, even when I know that goodies are waiting! And with the whole starting work, jet lag, cold, rainy weather and being on a team that says we are going out at 7pm for TGIF drinks and not getting home till 3am did not help matters any (though DAMN am I on the right team, with the RIGHT boss!).

But I finally got my act together, and boy was I glad! First I ripped open Emma’s package (it was in an envelope that my hands could tear apart). Oh the joys!! I had a lovely card from Miss Emma & Co. herself that included a Rowan kit with the PERFECT Merlot shade of Cork. I have never tried Cork! And now I have enough to either make a mini poncho (random tangent- why is it when I think poncho my brain immediately thinks of Monchichi’s??) or I was thinking if I got the Scarf Style book maybe that shrug turtleneck deal… hmmm the thoughts. Even cooler though was that Emma included me some stitch markers. I had seen these all around and thought hey those are cool! But I never had any, and now I do. Emma love, I LURVE them and especially you :)

After that I had to break out the knife. See when I talked about Bibles (I’ll get there, I’ll get there, this is a L-O-N-G post people bear with me) Susie emailed saying “Hey I have this book, it’s not on your bible list but I’d love to send it your way!” And in my astonishment at people who read (really people READ me?? they don't click and move on??) and then go one step further and OFFER to send me things I was blown away and had the cognizance to say yes.

So this is the part where my voice went decibles above that which only dogs can hear! Cause I was expecting only a book and there was this bigger box. I was all “Huh??” But that didn’t stop my inner three year old from whipping out a knife and slicing into that box (ummm yeah I was soooo the munchkin who tore her way through presents and was often WAY more interested in the packaging than the toys for the first 30 minutes of present time). That box made me squee!

In there was a book, a lovely book that told me some finishing things (and says I knit the French continental way… hahaha) but there was more! To my joy I found a package of sock yarn that managed to stow-away in the box without a passport. It is this lovely springy pinky set of variegated colors and I am searching for a sock pattern. But really it Suzie has topped that cake with something better than a cherry. See she read my whole blog, people I don’t know what to say to that. Seriously she read it and she mined for info, tailoring her gift. She sent me GUSHERS!!!! In the best and right flavor! Ok that is where I went overboard. I HAVE GUSHERS and sock yarn!! Life is beautiful, now if only spring would get its act together so I can wear my new skirt!

Then things got better! How I know not, but they did. Cause see I made it back in time for the TBM (happens twice a year at Le Bon Marché and is their way of doing a sale without calling it a sale) and I got PAID (yes and in EUROS too- utterly beside myself, beside self!). So I promptly picked my ass up and I bought yarn. Serious, I did it. I haven’t done that in at least 6 months and I DID IT.

I was a bit in overwhelm once there. The Rowan discounts are always good during the TBM, and they aren’t clearance so it is free and fair choice- and if they don’t have it you can pay at that price and get the yarn once its in. And this time I got enough yarn to make Martha (yes I know it says Buzz but that is what I am making! the Cardigan, tell Rowan to get their act together not me) from the latest Rowan catalogue. I got some Phildar Aviso to check out what I think of that yarn- I have been meaning to forever.

And then I broke the bank and let impulse carry me away. In my defense I was hallucinating on the fact that my bank account had money in it and I ate something other than couscous for dinner. And it was 20% off… so I got me some Kid Silk Haze. I am thinking of no lace but simple scarf, maybe even a Clapotis inspired do. I don’t know.. I do know that I LOVE my colors . And now I am about to put my order through the Germans for more sock yarn (See Leya it is coming your way) and Rebecca patterns! And serious boys and girls it looks like I have a stash. Or at least what I call a stash :)

And onwards to the discussion about Knitting Bibles… so I have gotten a fair amount of feedback on that post. I will be following it up here soon with a dedicated post. I have to say I had the chance while in SF to look at some of the options listed and not listed. I didn’t get to see the Buss or Vogue book but I liked both the Montose and Wiseman options. I think for myself to be comprehensive and fiscally responsible I am going to start with the Montose book. It is more technical and less user friendly on that initial reader perspective. But I don’t intimidate easily by books and hopefully it will be worth it. More in a later post though cause I have more to roll through!

Now to those IT details that I have heard about. La made the lovely point that Blogspot is sucking the royalty out of life right now. And I kind of have to agree. That and I am still hallucinating from having a paycheck. People I got paid!! Additionally once I can figure out how to work a Mac (serious this is SO not intuitive to me. AT. ALL.), and can get me a proper power adapter/charger I have a computer again. And that means that I will be able to download and take more pictures (but not of me doing tequila shots with my work collegues… that is for other stories and hiding when people go round with the camera phones). And it also means that I am going to play around with design and maybe move this blog out into the big world on its own. You know following the lead of the other big bad girls… So look back and listen clearly for updates.

What more?? Well there are the daily entertainments of working in an international organisation– like having my Polish coworker invite me out to coffee and then when I teased him about a fellow co-worker he turns to me and dead pans, Never trust a Mexican :) Without any PC tones. I entertain easily, and I can’t explain it.

There are the “what the hells” of town- like seriously who told all the old ladies that Bee-hives alla the 70s are back in style?? There are the holidays (come on the French have the best we are on acid explanation for easter around- the BELLS from the Vatican bring the Eggs… Yeah I’ll stick with Eddie Izzard's explanation). But really I am marinating in the dullness of my life. I am knitting a lacy Koigu sock, making it up as a I go (and of course not taking notes and TERRORIZED by the thought that I might run out of yarn…) and have since become addicted to that Oxygen drug.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. May you all have been Peep-ified (I was peeped early while in SF) and have chocolate bunnies multiplying in the home.

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