March 07, 2005

Fail to Plan...Plan to Fail

Tis my motto! So when Plan A failed miserably; I had my depressive moment of despair, my tears of frustration and I unhappily shifted my arse to crisis-bossing Plan B round. It was always there, but I wanted to live in De Nile about it, as it is NOT my preferred choice (unlike a vacation to Egypt).

Plan B shall make my life physical hell for the next two weeks, but it should resolve things. It will also have me quite silent as well. Why?? Cause I will be making an emergency visa run to San Francisco! An unplanned emergency visa run (well "planned," but not how it is happening), could life go further South of the Border?? I think not.

Yes people I am flying a total of 36 hours with effectively less than a 4 day turn around. And then getting off a plane onto a train and then straight into a desk to face the week. Important bits though: I will have a visa (otherwise I will be going Consulate- kind of like Postal only more vitriolic and ballistic- and those screams eminating from that direction will be me), and I will have a job. I will be a bit strapped for that first month but I will have a "stable(r)" future. One with yarn in it and on the "right" side of the pond.

So I got a bit happier when that was all confirmed; see- uncertainty is not my bleeding ulcer's friend. But more so because I have two friends there friends I want to see! And also a place to stay for free. Save every penny I can and I just might be able to come back with one ball of yarn! And there are supposed to be some schmansy yarn stores around! Yeah even Black Molly over here can see the green tinge of a "silver" lined cloud...

So should I have a following in SF area, anyone who wants to meet up I am game. I will be in town THIS WEEK, basically Thursday through Sunday. Thursday and Friday are off limits until the Visa is obtained, which with all good karma should be done by Thursday afternoon. I might even tempt the Consular Gods wrath and put an appearance in at the Spanish Consulate (from Hell) about that whole citizenship deal that I am legally entitled to. I will try to hit the trifecta (Banana Republic, Gap and Ann Taylor) to see if there is anything round those parts that is cheap for work this spring (last year's spring stuff is either in Italy and/or does not fit as I lost weight) and can be shoved on their store card. The same for the mothership- Nordstroms. I will head to a grocery store to stock up on the silly things that are outrageous here, and maybe a Whole Foods- to reminisce. I MUST find a bagel place where I can get salmon cream cheese for a FREAKING BAGEL!!!! I might get a super cuts hair trim- cause in Wendy style the hair has not been cut since the first week of July 2004. And well I'd like to hit a yarn store to touch even if I can't buy- particularly one with Koigu, so I can see colors! And I might do some touristy things too. Yeah lots of stuff, not lots of time... I am sure something will give or go Speedy Gonzales- but for now those are on the list.

So feel free to leave a comment or email me or not, I am guaranteed to check mail Wednesday morning (Brussels time) before I fly out. After that probably Thursday once the visa is resolved (see the power of positive thinking :).

Anyways I have to go get back to that crisis planning. But have a good week and think Visa and No Jet lag prayers for me!

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