February 17, 2005

Word of the Day: Brought to You by the Letter F

The Universe has BROUGHT IT IN for me people! Leya your number (167+) is next.

Do NOT ask me how the fuck I am able to sit still long enough to have written any of this out. I have NO control over any body functions right now. Am atom completely the fuck out of control. PING BING ZOOM- yup that’s me WHIZZZZ. The only thing not defying me is the capacity to utter the word fuck A LOT. That and holding the phone still for long enough to get a hold of a friend to tell her we are DRINKING tonight!

Otherwise I cannot compose coherent thoughts, let alone string enough words together for sentences and in true polyglot fashion I am barking around my flat in 4 different languages. Again NO Control!! Instead I have 2 words.

HAVE JOB. Tengo Trabajo. C’e Lavoro. J’ai Boulot.
That is right y’all, I am ROCKING the Kasbah. I have a mother fucking job, with the international organisation of my choice, that will help fill the time till a PhD starts. And it pays BANK.

That’s right- I be: Shakin dat ass. Shakin dat ass; Shakin dat ass. Shakin dat ass. Itchy pants dance(tm) step aside, the movement over here has hit a whole new level.

And I have photos for you of La Defense

La Defense 1

La Grande Arche

La Defense View to Arc de Triomphe

Cause biznatch that is where I am going to be WORKING. I went in and I BANGED that interview like no one's business. (Karma and I spent the night before together with some meditative moments). They said we will let you know on Friday. Friday became D-Day for both of the “maybe you could get me” jobs. Whatever, (I attempted to exude) I had a Brambleberry Tazo Tea at the Starbucks, I was happy.

Within 45 minutes of leaving the interview (at my Phildar no less) I get a call from HR. We are pretty sure that directorate will be calling to offer you the position within the next hour, though we may have to resolve some visa issues- they say. VISA Fuck off, I have weapons and I am NOT afraid to use them. This JOB is MINE, serious don’t mess with me. (I say :)

That call sooooo took the stinging hate off of the fact that Phildar no longer makes the Pretty Wrappy Top yarn in the color I made Pretty Wrappy Top and I have to go prayer hunting that there is an extra 2 balls of it somewhere. If not there is no collar and lift off is denied. And really that is no fun!

I headed home empty handed but skipping round the place. Yes people SKIPPING (on cobblestones again). Two hours after I left the interview I got the call to pop my ass a bottle of champagne cause they are bringing me on fucking board. Oh yeah and they have already taken the pleasure of scheduling me for those internal organisation only software trainings.

Profanities are pouring in pure pleasure (hey how the fuck did I alliterate when I can't even control the language coming out my mouth?)

And holy fuck I can make a budget. I can eat something besides couscous for dinner. I can have a long term plan (i.e. longer than 1 month which has been my life for a while now). I CAN BUY YARN IN THE NOT SO DISTANT FUTURE.

Go me, it's my JOB day. Go me, this is way better than a birthday!

**edited to add that when I came into type this post for posting this morning, I found out that I WON a contest. A RAOKing contest. I had a slight advantage (I worked for Victoria’s Secret during undergrad, quitting over 3 years ago), but the contest judge didn’t think less of it and I WON. I won Koigu!! I now have to pick a color and think about what I will be doing with that yarn. I have never touched Koigu!

I know that the Yarn Harlot thinks February is a forsaken month and all. But for me I am now developing a special fondness for February, the 16th in particular. And since goodwill was spread I can now go make a donation (that I have been wanting to for a long time, to compliment my donation to UNICEF) to Medecins sans Frontières.

I am so bowled over that I quite simply do NOT know what to do with myself. I am in happiness and joy, and marinating a BIG VAT of relief (that is not spelt by the letters of ANY antacid brand). I am sure the reality of heading back to work and shifting my schedule will settle in at some point. But for right now I am enjoying this moment to the utmost, how often do I actually INHALE on a repetitive basis, oxygen??

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