February 04, 2005

Pet Peeve

Ok it is no surprise that I have a "no yarn diet" going on. It is not voluntary per se in a de-stashing effort, as it is well documented that I have no stash here in Paris. I have remnants that I wish I had my stitch guide books to play with. But that is neither here nor there. This yarn diet is extended until the next contract comes along or something else is firmed up. I am hoping that will happen in the next month. If not I will try to guilt my mother who in her "I make Mao Tse-Tsung look like a warm fuzzy bear" kind of way, has decided to impose a visit with no warning (before everything was paid) for next month.

Additionally what ever of any stash I may have ever had is in a storage unit in Seattle (not much use to me here in Paris obviously). Which in honesty never was that much as I kind of like to get yarn with something in mind. Otherwise I end up with a ball of Muguet that I have no clue what to ever do with and a ball of that there. You get the picture. I can be quite impulsive; it is not that far of a jump from my natural fidgety nature. And it sucks those nasty green infected and oozing donkey balls as I have enough Cascade 220 for a sweater plus scarf (Rogue or it's likes) and enough alpaca for a sweater (thinking lacy cardigan-ish sweater there) in there too. But I digress…

So my current theory is since I can't buy, I can look. Everyone needs a break from trying to make gender mainstreaming, policy learning and development behave like anything other than kindergarteners in the sandbox (which if you don't remember it is where you whacked Sally Sue upside the head with your pail for stealing your blessed shovel, before you poured water on her castle trying to bat your eyelashes out of trouble when she went screaming to the patrol warden by saying "but I was only trying to make a moat") in under 1500 words.

I recognize that this is kind of masochistic I know but hey… better masochism than sadism- non? And since I can't touch and be tempted to abscond with it, online works great. I have only bought yarn once online, but it turned out fine. Once I get through this latest commission to language proof a friends PhD, I am going to have her send some payment in kind from the socks I fell in love with online. They have a color called Paris and Regia is CHEAP in Germany, nice bit is that is where she is! And I am all up for the risks that are associated with color choices etc. But I have a pet peeve. Like you are surprised... and if you are- read the title and then call me.

Now I like variegated yarns. Mostly for accessories, but if one hit me right I'd probably make something bigger out of it. I particularly love making mind numbingly boring but zen socks out of the stuff :) That said the peeve is as follows: if you just stick a bunch of strands of the yarn together I haven’t got a freaking clue what it will look like knit up. Vendors- make a swatch and photo that; pretty pretty please avec une cerise on top. I will take my chances with the color, but I'd sure like to see the variagation pattern.

Next question- has anyone ever used Knitpicks yarns? They seem so darn reasonable for the prices that I wonder if it is too good to believe. If I am going to have to trade someone into the slave market to be a shipping expiditer (that sounds like a job for Momma Mao if I ever heard of one...) then I don't want it to be for yarn that isn't up to standards. Cause the lady knows I am broke.

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