February 03, 2005

Bueller Is Not In Leave A Message After The Beep

Ok so I know things have been high on the stress richter scale over here and I have veered from the knitting and Paris to the grad school broke/job bitching. I have decided however, if I can't say nice things I am just not going to say them at all. I have two posts on two projects that have taken up all knitting time to come, and one on tidbits of Parisian life. I'll get to them right after I finish that analysis on gender equity, policy learning, gendermainstreaming in developing countries on social policy in under 1500 words by tomorrow for that "interview."

Serious I am starting to be of the opinon that to get one of these "you are under consideration- be grateful and worship our rhinestoned pinkie toe," international organisation positions that you are well qualified for: you have to teleport yourself in time, backwards through the hoops fire in hell, wearing a crocheted Nepalese sari yarn bikini, whilst reciting the theoretical implications of Weber's conceptualisation on ideals in Pig Latin.

Sufficeth to say I am ready to say get it over with already. Go ahead tell me the color saturation of the yarn was off and be over with it. But for your benefit, tomorrow is that D-Day so next Monday I should have a real post for you guys on knitting and how I have managed to do some of it and what I am trying to do.

Until then I give you this. Now I like to think of myself as cultured, and I like to think I am hip and with it, I remember pop culture right... But I thought she was making license plates last time I checked. And had a few *erm* image issues. I may not get much of American reality television recently, I never read Living, and I sure as hell donít get why Donald Trump is where he is or why he has a (even remotely popular) television show; but really this is all 16 kinds of wrong.

Someone hold me.

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