January 25, 2005

No Hangers Here

Thank you so much for those of you who put out a good thought or two. I really do believe in the power of good thoughts, and I know they will continue on for me. Luckily they were prompt and therefore I can be too. I didn't get the position. I fumed and steam poured off the top of my head for the way the administrative officer gave the telephone PFO (please fuck off letter). The injustice of having too much external experience and not enough internal experience really is chaping my ass. I mean the tits are already tied in a knot, why you gotta go grating them in the parmesan spinner?? You know what you can do with that catch 22?? Shove it- ou il n'y a pas de soleil!

That said, I didn't have exactly the best feeling on it when I left the interview, nor when I woke up at 3 this morning, nor in the subsequent 4 hours I attempted to meditate on it, and couldn't install a positive vision of it for my minds eye. It is their loss in all honesty, and in my keep your chin up kind of mood, I am sure it is just because there is something better waiting for me. But I would have taken it as I am up to taking any damn thing they have right now if it will get me INSIDE the organisation again. And I can blame it on this, I knew there had to be a reason! Cause it sure as hell couldn't be moi you know!

In my attempt to not hold onto this and to open up for the next opportunity that I hope will move this way soon, I bring you the silvery/green lining in the cloud. The position that shafted me earlier this month (do not ask- it was when Shiva bitchslapped me with all eight arms at once), asked to reconsider my CV and I have subsequently been shortlisted. It would involve a move (to Geneva), but is directly on what I researched. There is a chance, but we do not hold our breathe anymore Chez Tink. I like wearing plummy tones, being panicky purple is not my style however. Nor are we allowed on the visit to the insanity zoo to feed the hope addict.

Since I have nothing else, and still haven't decided what to do with the orphaned alpaca I give you the Lemming post. Yes I am metaphorically jumping off Pont Neuf (No Claudia, not for real :) Look Ma it's my blogs first meme (I don't usually do these but at this point I say "Why not?")

Courtesy of Nake-id Knits. You are now about to be introduced to a product whore. But trust me it is all about the product and not the name or packaging Chez Tink!

Grooming Products
• Shampoo: I rotate em- Nizoral (US prescription level) for when the scalp gets all pissy on me. PhytoRhum for when I want to smell the Eggnog smell and add a bit of care to the hair. Frederic Fekkai Red Color Shampooing, needed to keep the balance since the last color job that was supposed to take me back to redhead natural, went a bit too brown. And his apple cider vinegar rinse if I have any build up. For good measure I am including my conditioner too- which is ALL IMPORTANT, is Bumble and Bumble Super Rich. This is the swimmers god send!
• Moisturizer: Again let's rotate em- Mornings after toner, are for Mario Badescu Moisture Magnet Pentavitamin with SPF. This is the worlds best stuff. I can't say enough about it! Dry skin over here loves it. Evening- Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer (used in combination with Bobbi Brown's Special Line Dry Skin cream for the nights where I want to wake up with cheeks that feel like a baby's bottom)
• Cologne: Rotation is the name of the game in the Chez Tink Product Whore Cabinet of love- Summer time is Fresh's Hesperides. Winter is Korres Vanilla and Cinnamon. For the real deal perfumies Thierry Mugler's Angel and Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle are spritzed regularly.
• Razor: Whatever I have or was the cheapest
• Toothpaste: Oh Toms of Maine Cinnamint toothpaste how I love you and force all my friends to smuggle you for me!

• Cell phone: Italian Siemens cheapie
• Computer: HUNK OF JUNK Comatose Dell Inspiron some piece of shit number (we are not on good terms right now, as you might guess...)
• Television: What came with the furnished flat I am living in
• Stereo: Umm don't have one, I used the laptop for that. I now listen to radio through the TV...

• Sheets: I prefer Flannel and Jersey, but am currently using a draped fleece blanket.
• Coffee maker: I don't drink coffee but I have a Bialetti (hey I lived in Italy!) for those who do
• Car: I dont have one, I have the Mιtro. Why drive a car (which I would love to be a Mini or LandRover Freelander if I had to have a car) when you can be psychoanalysed on the Mιtro free of charge??
• Stationery: Cranes or handmade my friends

• Milk and Juice (nectars if possible, unless it is cranberry)- they are the choice of prefered drinkers in this neck of the woods.
• Bottled water: The Franprix stuff, it's cheap and I do better drinking out of a bottle.
• Coffee: Have I told you how this stuff puts me to sleep. Serious seven sips of a Latte and I am OUT COLD.
• Vodka: Grey Goose, Absolut (it is after all vodka, and vodka is good for you!). Anything but that college-reminiscing $4 for a gallon, rubbing alcohol Monarch shit. Dude I am so not Kitty Dukakis.
• Beer: I am not a beer girl but BELGIAN beers are a whole other issue. I love me the Chimenay and Lambics. And on need of "beer drinking," I can pour down a Desperado too.

• Jeans: Gap Long and Lean (hemmed up cause I am not LONG) and Banana Republic . French Connection has a kick ass pair, but I can't afford them (yet!)
• T-shirt: French Connection, Banana Republic, and H&M are my current favorites.
• Briefcase or Tote: I haven't got one, I am waiting for the job and then I am going to head to Levenger and get me one, that or be French chic and go to Longchamps.
• Sneakers: Nike or New Balance
• Watch: Ironman Triathalon watch, and after that I want a one that I can wear with dress clothes- but haven't decided on one, let alone found one.

Favorite Places
• Seattle
• Italy (Bologna, Roma, Firenza, Venezia, Trieste, the whole damn place!)
• Paris (OF COURSE)
• On a plane travelling somewhere
• In the water snorkelling or diving

Necessary Extravagances
• Currently broke and not permitted any; but if I could it would be yarn and good wine.

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