November 15, 2004

For the Record

Ok so I am currently in a bit of a funk. I am trying not to swing enough to give an oranutang a complex or anything but right now for as much good there is, it is a bit overwhelming. It is also a bit surreal. No one warns you of this either. The coming to the conclusion of a big project, having a maybe adventure in front of you and well not really knowing what is going to be happening in your life. It's not at the “all over- WHEEEE excited” phase, and it's not at the “starting something new have a direction in life” phase yet either. So I am in a middleton funk. I know it will work itself out but until then you get my WTF moments.

WTF what I thinking. I spent all of Saturday indoors doing nothing (I justified this with my whole “I worked my ass off for a month I can do nothing” philosophy that sinks my derrière to the bottom of the dive tank every time). Seriously I knit almost all day watching French television. The French are FUNNY and it made me laugh. They are also crazy and some of that TV scared me. Anyways I knit away with pointy needles and seriously only got one belt side done, all weekend. Do you know how long it takes to knit 100 cm of 2x2 ribbing over 16 stitches?? WAY LONGER than you think!!! I will continue to work on it tonight. GAH that collar will be the death of me.

Next really I love living in Paris but I swear I always feel frumpy here. No matter what I wear. In Italy, the supposed fashion mecca, I don’t feel frumpy mostly because all of the OVER THE TOP trendiness in the clothes. I saw more clashing 80s clothes while I was tripping on acid there than existed in the 80s themselves. What?? It's only story I can come up to explain a girl wearing shredded jeans, a mesh wife-beater tank top, a slashed sweatshirt held together with safety pins on the side, a jeans jacket that was “vintage” with New Kids on the Block on the back panel and bright yellow SLOUCH boots! ALL TOGETHER people. Again I don’t make it up folks, I just report it. Anyways you try to explain that without acid, I DARE you. My classic if frumpy/lazy/inept fashion nature meant that there was no competition or comparison. But I now have a theory. This is what grad students do, we try to come up with a theory.

My theory... French women are born wearing 5 inch stiletto heels. And while I can “Drop it like it's hot” with the best of them in my 6 inch stilettos (hey I am petite and a balance beam specialist what can I say?? Napoleon? Call into the kettle) at heart I was born wearing my clogs (which in fact once I put on my mother could not get me out of for the next 3 years). I like my sweatpants and while skirts are slightly becoming ok in my wardrobe, that closet has NO cohesion and I am accessory impaired. But the WTF I keep asking myself is how the hell do these women walk all over in those heels without amputating their feet or falling over a grating or something?? Seriously, inquiring minds want to know.

And our last in today’s series- WTF why are Christmas decorations going up already. I know there is no Thanksgiving here or anything and no blow out sales but I seriously thought I had to the end of the month before I started seeing the trees and worse. Even more annoying though is that on my dash to Starbucks (for the love of a REAL muffin I will even enter the Starbucks) they still don’t have the holiday season muffins. Come on I want my CRANBERRY Orange Muffin and I want it NOW. Tangentially on the way back to the flat where I left my phone this morning I heard the middle school kids talking and one of the kids very clearly uttered in his prophetic way (about my post that is) I said le MUFFIN not le muff there is a difference. Le Muffin is better! Right on brother.

Stay tuned, I promise to try and get out of the funk and have some of the post stress trauma sarcasm reside. Really I am a softy at heart. Hey quit the rabble rousing in the background :) And if nothing else I will have two exciting belts to try and post some time this week. A collar if I get out of control before my friend comes to visit. I know you CANNOT wait :)

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