November 11, 2004


Otherwise known as I am too damn tired to think of a title. And really to tired to post but I don't like leaving things hanging, and probably will not be around this weekend as I will be sleeping (see sentence one).

So respiration has been on hold for the past 3 weeks, attempting to finish the dissertation, going through computer landmine hell, and many other such events which have in general suctioned all energy out of me. Add to that it being grey, a bit chillier and getting darker earlier and well you have a "I want to sleep, sleep, sleep" combo ready to go.

But here is a quick run down:
Sundays are for charting Pretty Wrappy Top. I figured out the fronts (minus a small mistake I found tonight ripped out and redid- I'll get there, I'll get there) and last Sunday I tackled the back. Which would seem to be less problematic but that would be a WRONG assumption! I caved in the end and tossed one stitch from each side as with the way the exchange rate has been as of recent I don't have the euros to buy wine. And I spent random minutes this week working up the back and tonight on splitting the back and shoulders bit. I then got overly excited and did a horribly shitty basting job cause I just HAD to see what this sucker looked like.

PWT On Me Basted

And this is what it looks like! (Pardon the crappy photo, the everything else, oh yeah and the braless shot- like I said TIRED today, thank god for the holiday!) And oh how Mikey likes the fit (even though the fronts need the dickens blocked out of them). I like it enough to think I might keep it even though I think my skin is not so fond of Mohair (a 20% component of Cecilia). Any one have ideas on blocking an acrylic, mohair, alpaca yarn?? Oh yes and it's back to pointy needles for the shawl collar and belt. OOOOOOOHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT!

As for the rest of my life... Almost all of this weeks energy was spent on Monday. I had the interview, and I think it went well. I had to take a proofreading test and a typing test. I am no Norma, but I type pretty fast yo! 60wpm with 3 faults on the French AZERTY keyboard it turns out, made me feel spiffy. Praises was a word mentioned, but I am not going to hold my breath in hope to hear something. Being Purple is so not chic! I am hoping to know something tomorrow, but if not then I will hopefully hear next week. At least that is what the HR person said.

I will also spend tomorrow morning at the ministry doing nothing (everyone is making it a long weekend but they asked me if I could just "be" there, so I got conned), well nothing except looking at courses in Stockholm to be prepping the other option of going to the heart of darkness and working with the research GODDESS herself. And of course doing more fractious dissertation crap.

And really folks that is about it, I went out last night with a friend who just got back into town. He is so yummy I want to eat him up. Really, I WANT him. But I resist and we watch 1940s Italian films instead and he buys me pizza while putting up with my grammatically incorrect Italian (he is mostly Italian after all).

The only other thing on my plate is formatting this bloody thesis (NOT as simple as it sounds people trust me), deciding on the title (I know I personify bass-akwards) and writing the last Th-Th-Th-Th-Thats all folks, you can go twiddle your thumbs now conclusion paragraph. Really I will feel a HUGE wave of relief once I hit send on it. Well still a bit of tension waiting for the dissertation police to ruler measure my margins and all (cause that is what is important) but it will be more or less off the plate. And I NEED that.

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