January 11, 2006

Woo Hoo

This is the technical update (knitting one below)

2005 was the technoligcal year where in all roads to hell were paved with good intentions. And if I had my way it would have been with shattered Dell computers and the remnants of my "friends" in Bangalore whom I wish ever so poignantly to dismember such that even Henry VIII would blush at the brutality... What?? Like you donít think about those kinds of things when you have been on hold for 44 minutes over an international phone lineÖ

2006 has started off on a bit better tone (after a few phone calls with Dell which lead to self-commentaries like "Donít they say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? Yeah, Hi my name is Little Latin Lupe and I think White Jackets are going to be the newest fashion trend. Hell I think that might just be my first design pattern!"). I have gotten things upgraded on the computer to the point that I think it might just function and even better it picked up WiFi this morning at my flat so I can crib for a while and work on this from home!

What does this mean? It means the blog move will probably go a bit faster. I have the MT installed, now to figure out the set up (Holy Shit Batman that is making my head swim). Have no clue on design but so goes- anyone with Photoshop skills or ideas/suggestions especially for a banner... feel free to speak up. All archived posts have been sent over and I am working on republishing them (inserting the photos etc). I am testing out Flickr for photo storage and posting capabilities- if anyone has suggestions on how to post to an MT blog with more than one photo at at time that is stored on Flickr- lemme know! And I THINK that in about 2 weeks I should have things tidy (though probably not pretty) enough that I can direct you all there and delete out over here!

So bring it on new year!

Posted by Stinkerbell at January 11, 2006 05:18 PM | TrackBack

My offer still stands. I'm not much good with banners but I can help with overall design and scripts and such. Incidentally, you can upload photos to your MT server if you don't want to use flicker. It's probably easier and faster that way ;-)

Posted by: Gir at January 11, 2006 11:32 PM

eh... I found you on http://fidgetyknitting.mu.nu/ The dotcom version didnt work..
However, gratulations with the new site, so wonderful to be able to read the text without having to make greasy marks on the schreen with my nose.....
IDA - a long time lurker..

Posted by: Ida at January 12, 2006 12:31 PM