January 09, 2006


Time to fess up. Yes, I have a confession Mother Yarn…I have sinned by omission (and owe the blog a backlog of posts). My sin by omission has been 2 fold.

First I haven’t told people yet… but I have my blog up on another corner of the algoreinternetwebosphere- bless him every day for creating it! It isn’t pretty or done but it is getting there (you can find me in fully unadulterated form at www.fidgetyknitting.com). And secondly I have been silent about my new knitting project. I intend to rectify this with 10 Hail Marys (or is that Bloody Marys…) and this post.

Considering that I scare the ever-loving shit out of people with the way I jaywalk, I should probably admit what I have been up to... (Lived in Rome- you will understand that really I am tame, traveled to Cairo and you will think I cross the road like granny. Live in virtual frogger places long enough and really your whole perspective changes. I can stop Parisian cars with a single LOOK people).

Yes Cara… I too have been Jaywalking.

Jaywalker on a Pot

Not with STR (it is hard to get it here in on the other side of the pond- but one day some will be mine!!) but another yarn. I had some Lorna’s Laces I got last March when wonder commenter extraordinaire Terry gave me a gift certificate to a Imagiknit in SF (and super reader Liz sent me Koigu!! My first time to get my hands on either of these yarns and first time I got to play with handpainted yarns! I am forever indebted to their kindness!). I saw Wendy use the same colorway for a lace shawl and I loved it. But these handpainted yarns always confound me as to what to knit them up into.

As part of Sockapaltwoza (and avid reader of hers anyways) I watched Grumperina knit up the now infamous Jaywalkers. And this time I am trying to cash in on the trend as it happens, no knit behind for me when there are prizes thrown into the equation (and really Cara has totally outdone herself- she ROCKS the yarn too!!).

After a false start on the plane to Seattle for Christmas and some ignorance of the project while in Seattle (not to mention no knitting on the way back as I slept the whole way) I decided on January 1 to pick the sucker back up. I had no large project in hand and no small one either so on the plate jump Jaywalkers. I have had fits and starts with them due to all the swirling in my head. But swirling zig zags or no… I have gotten through the cuff, the leg, the heel, and most of the gussets of one sock to date!

I have to say this is a pretty simple pattern that makes the most of striping/handpainted yarns.

Lornas Laces Gold Hill Colourway in Macro

It would be great for a beginner to sock knitting too as the construction is your basic sock, and despite the fancy look there are only basic knitting skills deployed (knit, purl, kfb, ssk, k2tog, slipping stitches, and passing stitches over)

Now to go and atone in the name of needles, fiber, and notions. Oh yeah and unknit all of my gusset...

Gusset Gone Wrong

Posted by Stinkerbell at January 9, 2006 06:48 PM | TrackBack

Hey Tink - thanks for the acknowledgement. I'm checking w. The Fold (your link) and Blue Moon Fiber Arts (360 yd STR yarn)- maybe they can send one to you on me when I put in an order. Kinda hard to want these all these yarns you see on everyone's blog and then you cna't get them!

Cool how you transitioned to the new blog - and oooh! pics, love it!

Posted by: Terry at January 15, 2006 12:53 AM

Oooh, I'm inspired to join in with all this jaywalking now.... ~x~

Posted by: Jane in London at January 20, 2006 03:08 PM