January 31, 2006

socks, Socks, SOCKS!!!

So it seems that the universe would like to inform me that I haven’t been giving socks the attention that I should. But right before I left for Barcelona this weekend… the socks struck back! (more on Barcelona in a bit)

First up we have the finished photos for the Jaywalker. I have one done and one to go if I am going to make the contest deadline. We shall see if I can cast my own ass on this week for the second one. I am a bit distracted by the back for Salina…

One Jaywalker Down

One Jaywalker to Go

Then despite having the shit all scared out of me for the third time last week… I got mail. No not some Sleepless in Seattle AOL email, I got real actual mail. This blogging thing NEVER ceases to amaze me. I am astounded to think that people read what I write. Most of the time while I like it, I figure it is pish. Sure I can make myself laugh but well…that doesn’t take much! But Terry she reads. And then she does nice things, which takes the non comprehension up a notch.

Back in March when I had to make the emergency visa run after living on the couscous diet for months, she gave me a gift certificate to Imagiknit. I probably wouldn’t have come home with any yarn from that trip if not cause the capital it took to fuck things up when I started this job left Jack Sprat with no fat looking like Big Mama! And you know what… that yarn is turning into the Jaywalkers. So when I mentioned Socks that Rock… she offered to send me some. BLOWN AWAY people. And now… I have Socks that Rock in Ruby Slippers. I don’t know what I will do with that, but for now petting will suffice.

Socks That ROCK

After that I came home on Thursday to the best package ever! See I was a part of Sockapaltwoza. I enjoyed it and even though I was late (I think I MORE than made up for that by letting the person know and also sending a jam packed goodie package!) all went mostly well. I dont believe in holding strings on these things expecting others to gush over your package or to be exorbitant. But I never heard from my pal. I know how the pal things work and I figure it is just one big karmic circle jerk. I will do my thing, put out what I can and then get back what is up (yes I have signed up for the third go round).

So when I told Alison that I was running late but that I had emailed my pal about it, I also told her I hadn’t received anything. Seems I had a flunky for my first sock partner. Alison goddess she is, went and got me a sock saviour. And damn she did good! My sock saviour ROCKS. I don’t know who she is (the package jsut had the socks in them with her real address on the outside)... but I just sent an email to try and find out. But I got the package. And it had the most gorgeous socks in it!

Sockapaltwoza Socks

I am hoping I will be able to find out what pattern and what yarn she used as I would LOVE to try and copy the heel. I wore these socks while in Barcelona (I bought the tickets counting on Palm Trees, not expecting there to be effing SNOW on the palm fronds!!) and they felted a bit, but the warm toesies are still in love!

Sockapaltwoza in the Air

And that my friends is all for now as life is screeching at me. But for the record, I am going to get the internet in the flat. I will do it quicker than it took me to get the independent URL, even though it is kind of a painful one (and you know a "trust in a dead dog that I won’t immediately and permanently plant my ass to the sofa and moreover that I wont cop out and watch only English television" kind of thing). And then I will hopefully clean house a bit more round here :)

Jaywalker in Waiting

Posted by Stinkerbell at January 31, 2006 06:34 PM | TrackBack

Whew! They look like they fit. My biggest worry was that they would be too big!

I had everything all set out... the socks, the bag, and the little note. Ahem. I packaged everything up and then noticed that the little note was sitting there on the table. I opened your package up and slipped the note in and taped it up again... but it wasn't in-in. It probably got thrown away with the packaging. Yes, I can get a little flustered at times!

Your socks are made out of merino so they will felt a bit but aren't they soft? I made the pattern up and used an eye of partridge heel. I hope you love. love. love. them - they were hard to part with :D

Posted by: Tiffany at January 31, 2006 10:26 PM

Aww Tink you're so lucky to get socks from Tiffany!!! Aren't those beautiful!? It makes me wanna sign up to be a sock saviour before the thing has even started. :)

Posted by: Laura at February 1, 2006 05:06 AM

Glad you like the STR, and nice to hear of your "sock savior" - what a nice soul! And whoopee! internet access at home - it'll be nice.

Posted by: Terry at February 1, 2006 08:05 PM

Aww amiga what fantastique socks! Love them. Lucky feet!
It's sockalicious over here too these days... must be something in the air... that last photo cracks me up!

Posted by: Ann at February 1, 2006 08:58 PM

I'm sneaking out a few rows on my socks...and man this post is sock heaven!

LUCKY! I just went over and looked at socks thatrock...oh my heavens...

Yer truly blessed to have such great knitting pals...


Posted by: heather at February 2, 2006 03:43 PM