February 10, 2006

Blog Olympics

I know that there is this big Olympic thing but I am in a different frame of mind. I decided against joining, as I don’t really have a true challenge for myself. Or at least not something I feel is a challenge. I just have a goal, a goal that has its reward at the end of the tunnel/month.

My mission that I have chosen to take… well for the rest of this month I would like to finish up a bunch of things that have been cluttering up my knitting karma. Yeah I am a granola, crunchy, feng shui, enraged Buddhist (god I love Rock Chick for that one!) kind of gal. And to me focusing and actually finishing aren’t so much of an Olympic challenge as just some will and determination. But in the spirit of things I am trying to cleanse the knitting. Not clean or launder, but clear it out.

I have the following list to clear out to make way for the good karma

Jaywalkers Now

First in the line up we have the Jaywalker's: Let’s see if I can make the contest deadline. If I do… it might just be the first post with the internet in the flat (that is unless I go bollocks starkers and cancel it all. I don’t preclude that- see blogging with suspense! Will she or won’t she loose it? Your guess is probably spot on). But for the record there has been no change since the last known photo.

Pistache Mittenettes

Next in the priority list is a gift I am knitting. I haven’t said anything about them yet, but I don’t think the intended recipient will guess they are for her here is the picture and into the line up they go. This is the manifest destiny of some sale yarn, my own fudged around “pattern” of 3x3 rib mittenettes. That is Phildar Cash-Laine and for those curious about how I got it on sale… that is because they are discontinuing the yarn. My opinions on the yarn when the project is done These were started and have been worked on during movie nights. So this mittenette has a very cultured background having most recently watched Viva Zapatero (and maybe will go with me to see Munich this weekend too).

Dont Touch It

After that well even though I speak of her in the forked tongue… It is Shedir. Little projects must be finished! And I am determined. I will wear this pink hat in all its glorious irony. Because pink is an ironic colour and I will be fucking damned and hammed if I am going to let some silly hat smack my ass around. I will finish this hat and I will wear it and that will be the end of it. Even if it kills me (thankfully I do like Calmer), or more likely I fling it into a wall repeatedly trying to “kill” it.

Crazy Colors

One more thing to clear out of the “you don’t know about me” closet this month… a mate to this sock. I got the yarn and while I like it, I think that I know someone with a birthday coming up that would go for the crazy colours. So I will stick it on the needles (of for the love of the plain and simple stockinette sock!) right after Jaywalkers come off. I do actually plan on trying to make the stripes line up a bit. Laugh at your own peril, when I start that part.

View from Knitting Spot

The next project to finish… it is Helen’s sweater it sits there languishing as I have a palpable fear of making the sleeves look bad. I want her to love it and hug it and call it George. I want it to be a big warm cozy hug. And I don’t want anyone to walk up to her and say… did someone make that?? But the seaming with bulky yarns… not my forte. Any and all tips accepted. Will pay for it to be finished :)

Salina Back

Last but most certainly not least will be to try and get things going together and knit up for Salina (which is a bit longer than in this image). Having just received the goddess of all knitting bibles (yeah serious get this one first and then talk to this person…) I should be able at some stage to put the sucker together. Lauren has already put on the pressure. But lovely soul she is, she has also pointed me to learning a new trick. I am going to short row the shoulders people. Hold on to your seats!

*Should I be going for REAL bonus points… I would include finishing the collar for the saga now known as Pretty Wrappy Top, and seam up Fern (why every time I call that sweater Fern, its Rowan given name, do I immediately feel like I belong in the midst of Charlotte’s Web and want to scream Wilbur… ok its because as we have well established I have issues. I’ll go find the happy pills now) but I wouldn’t want to be any more ridiculous than I already am.*

My reward you might ask after you look at that staggering display I just created for flourishing in failure (alliteration how I love thee- said the drama queen)… well it is this. I have lusted for it for a while but been lazy about it. No more, cause I saw Heather wearing her's and my lust creeped up through my soul and took hold of the controls. It induced my motor skills into retracting the check card from its protective wallet and typed in the numbers so that I could own that pattern. And now I do!

So the reward for finishing things is staggered. First once the Jaywalkers, mittenettes and Shedir are done I can get a skein of two yarns to try out for this pattern. I am thinking I would like to see what Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk is like and since I am this close to wanting to morph into Heather I want to try out the Silky Wool too (in Moss, cause green is MY colour and I am a copy cat). And after I test them I will get color cards (at this stage), but I will NOT- I repeat NOT buy yet. I have vague recollections of touching these yarns when I was in the US… I didn’t have a true action plan so I forgot to bring some home to join the one ball band parade that is clanging around my flat.

And then once Helen’s Sweater and Salina are finished then and ONLY THEN (please help hold me accountable people!) can I start in on The Somewhat Cowl (the sweaters are lined up for the rest of the season- batting after the somewhat cowl will be Bonne Marie Chicknit’s Cutaway and taking us all the way home will be Lara- after then and only after then may we begin discussion on knitting for any other season). Which since there is no finishing… if all goes well would be ready to wear come spring!

So bring it on February!

Posted by Stinkerbell at February 10, 2006 04:05 PM | TrackBack

Oooo.... I love Lara! I love Cutaway! I love all the patterns you're making right now! And all the yummy yarns you're using. You've said your apartment is small - you must have to sleep with your projects to have room for them all. hehe

Posted by: Laura at February 13, 2006 03:48 AM

Seaming with bulky yarns: I can't remember where I saw it/who told me/where I read it (may be Debbie Stoller, may be something else), but for bulky yarns, the best plan is to get a ball of the same colour in a much lighter weight (preferably by the same maker, and the same shade exactly, but we all know how these things don't work), and seam with that. I'd say ply the yarn, but it's Rowan Ribbon Twist according to your link, so that won't. I've got two and a bit spare balls of Paton's Diploma Gold (sort of DK weight) in cream, left over from the unpictured (must get life together) kilt socks. You're welcome to some of that for the seaming if you want. It doesn't shrink with washing or anything ghastly like that, so should be fine for seaming post blocking.

I'm not about to offer to seam Helen's Sweater for you. Not this month, anyhow!

Posted by: Jane in London at February 13, 2006 02:07 PM