February 09, 2006

On the Look Out…

I promised pictures... Here are pictures.

So here is where we are with Shedir…

Dont Touch It

You might say that for a sit-on-your-ass-a-thon that doesn’t look like a lot of work accomplished. I will forgive you for thinking or saying that, as I am a benevolent dictator and gentle soul (until you start laughing back there in the corner… and then I will start speaking in the mother tongue to you, the forked one, the language of CURSE). I will also point out that doing lots of cables (I am still in the “with my cable needle please” camp, but I may try out the Grumperina or Almost Felted tutorials on this at some point) it goes slower.

But despite that impediment, I will have you know though that it is double the work that it looks like. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to why that is?? Why yes… though you needn’t look at me cross eyed like that, it is because I knit, unknit, reknit, unknit again and then reknit the little bastard. I was quite pleased with myself and that crater like indentation I created in the futon/sofa/bed. I had finished through the fourth repeat of the saxon braid… and then the decreases would come.

Shedir Was

Imperative there is the would… imperative as I noticed this. Yes people I flubbed it up. And it was noticeable. So while some may take their knitting off the needles and rip, I do not have that kind of steely constitution. You might question that statement given all that my constitution has put up with from French Bureaucracy… but really it is only steel plated. So I unknit it, I tinked it. Hardy har har… Tink tinked herself… see I have a sense of humour. Look for it cause I am going to need you all to tell me where to find it here shortly.

First Fuck Up Second Fuck Up

First Fuck Up Meet Second Fuck Up

Why… because last night when after a nasty day at work (wherein a nice man I work with turned himself into a condescending French ASSHAT with such aplomb that I promptly started assaulting my keyboard with VERY LOUD delete button hitting) I came home and saw another fuck up… am I ever intended to wear a Shedir. I swear I didn’t have these kinds of problems with the one in Amour… Ok so I unknit the 3 rows I had just reknit from the last unknit round of things. I finished the last repeat of that cable repeat and I put the sucker down.

I am stopping right there and going to be sticking to the Jaywalker for the rest of the week.

Posted by Stinkerbell at February 9, 2006 05:58 PM | TrackBack

You have me dreaming of re-starting my Shedir. I started it when I went to Paris a few years ago under the delusion that I would have plenty of thinking and knitting time on the plane. Instead there was plenty of drool time and sleeping! FUN!

Then there was the re-knit, rip, knit, re-knit, swear, wonder why I can't keep track of the chart which is well-written and why I keep messing up. So I'm going to start again. I'm going to buy the yarn this weekend and all will be good. But I must warn you, I will probably have to email you to let you know about the torture that will end in beauty.

Posted by: Rebecca at February 9, 2006 06:42 PM

I feel like telling you "just put the knitting down and slowly walk away". heh

Jaywalkers are hell but at least they're small hell with no cables.

Posted by: Laura at February 9, 2006 08:22 PM

are you using calmer?

Posted by: jess at February 9, 2006 09:26 PM