November 08, 2006

Dum Dum DUM....

See I am trying to eek that one post out a week, to get back in the swing of things and then gradually get back to where I was with all 3 readers and my inane pratter. I mean am knitting again, though not as obsessively as I used to. But as winter cold arrives... and I go to hibernate and let my ass expand, the knitting occupies the hands.

That plan/idea is only half working out though. I haven't been able/photoing other things, to photo the FOs like I should. Knitblogs are not interesting without photos (my flickr photos are much more about me playing with photography and "Parisian" life) and I am thinking they deserve their own posts anyways. So instead I am going to give a quick rundown and going to try to make sure I take some photos tonight.

So last month was Socktoberfest. Yes I do still read the blogs and bloglines... Just with the funk (that is slightly lingering and ever so hanging above my head ready to flip me around again) I haven't been commenting as much as I should... BAD TINK. Anyways I did participate in an indirect way. I finished up my Cascade Fixation (I think I have the right colour) socks. I bought some green on green tonal slightly strippy yarn last year when I was home for Christmas... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours. The yarn... I am a bit more Eh about. It is ok to knit with. The socks/anklets I made not as much love as my ones in DB Baby Cashmerino (favorite house socks! that I wash AND dry and LOVE) but they are ok. Might be a good summer pair??

And while we are on socks... I am taking a page out of last years play book. I knit a pair of socks from Nancy Bush's Vintage Socks for Mom. Have no clue if she has worn hers. I would guess not, but I gave them and don't think after that. Anyways I decided I wanted a pair for me. I have all this pretty sock yarn (and have been seeing many more online that I lust after) but haven't matched it to a pattern. So I went and bought myself another ball of the lilac baby cashmerino and started up. Within two days I finished the cuff and leg (and promptly stopped there :)

Lara... oh yes you have been calling my name. For what... 2/3+ years. Well finally last year I bought the yarn (at the TBM on discount of course...) I decided that I must make that sweater. Cast on... and decided I was going to go down in guage. I liked the fabric a wee bit tighter (like half a stitch tighter)... I think I have just rejoined the sisterhood Claudia... cause I hate gauge... Demonic Satanic spawn it is. So I liked it a bit tinier so I went "up a size" and thought that would even things out. I am thinking not so much... It looks like it might not be long enough. But how do you tell when you are knitting it side to side?? I don't like the cropped deal as it cuts me in half and makes me look like I am wearing a knitted tire around my waist. So it is sitting in the time out pile till I decide or figure out what to do with it.

Salina... Guess what... I FINISHED KNITTINGand SEAMED and WORE her... I feel kind of proud about that one :) I really really like the colour (almost got me some more at the TBM, but held back as I dont have a project for it) the yarn is ok by me. Not too itchy, but not up against the skin either. But Houston, we have a problem. She is a bit too big cause I blocked and am an idiot. So Salina for all I tried to do... she is not negative ease inclined (should have made the XS I KNEW it...) and a weird poochy thing around the armpit bust area but overall happy to be done with it. And have no clue how to make the bugger fit better (ie taking in an inch or so on each side)

Shopping. Not really back in the PASSIONATE thralls of knitting, but not one to let what might be my last TBM pass me by I went and shopped. I must admit as I already feel I have too much yarn and am not using it fast enough I held back. Also the deals not that great and on the usual. I bought some tester balls... I MUST STOP DOING THIS. I got a ball of this silvery yarn with black mohair. Bouton d'Or Solange. Thought it might make for pretty lace. I forgot that true lace knitting is not mindless... So ball sits on the sidelines. Also I now have one ball of RYC Silk Wool (LOVE that yarn. Want to make Jemima in it I think! That and RYC Cashsoft (dk, 4ply or aran) are loves of mine just like DB Cashmerino Aran) I like them both and really think the only reason I'd choose one over another is the colour options. I might buy another ball and make a simple cable hat for myself. I also bought some Anny Blatt Super Angora in black. I want to make a hat and scarf. Scarf will be a copy of my other angora scarf (from Stitch and Bitch nation) and the hat something like this (Oct 29th)I want to figure out how to make a knitted flower... SO CUTE. I have visions of also making a hat that is something like a hat/tam/beret type thingy. I know I make no sense.

I have also picked up another old project. Last winter I started another my so called scarf. I made the first one out of Manos that Froggy gifted me WAY back when I did an emergency kill myself visa run to DC. I LOVE that scarf (and miss Froggy!) so when there was a slightly similar yarn on sale in the TBM I got some. It is Plassard Versatile Colour 011. A bit more thick than thiny and in a mottled blue colour that doesn't variagate as much as the Manos etc I think I am making it on too small of needles (hence I need to keep better records! going to try on that one) as it is pretty compacted and one ball isnt going near as far as Id have expected. I have 4 balls, I like the fabric, I hate ripping out, I forgot how this pattern can make my hands hurt, and ripping this pattern in thick and thin yarn is a pain in the ass (I did that on Saturday to restart the thing). I only have a few inches to show for my first ball though so I am having to rethink this all...

*PS* I only just now realised that my comments are sent to my "old" email (I switched over to gmail this summer) so I only now saw them... HI :) Going to go fix that. Also was told there might be a comment problem... trying to look into that but if you notice it too... Email me (kkeenan2 at g mail dawt com- write it out right :)

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Testing to see if the comments work...

Posted by: stinkerbell at November 8, 2006 04:54 PM

Must see finished sweater on you! I'm sure it is gorgeous!

Hey I'm emailing you right now!

Posted by: Rebecca at November 8, 2006 07:03 PM

I see 59 readers in Bloglines who sub to you... lol

Posted by: scout at November 9, 2006 01:14 AM

Hola chica, glad to see you posting again... now waiting impatiently for the pictures...

Posted by: Kae at November 9, 2006 01:18 AM

Hi girly. Glad to see you posting. :)

Posted by: Laura at November 10, 2006 03:44 PM

For someone in a funk, you seem to be knitting quite nicely. (I could confirm this with pictures....)

Posted by: jessie at November 11, 2006 12:17 PM
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