January 01, 2006


My hairdresser and psychiatrist back home told me over the holidays that this coming year would be about stability and change for me. Yeah cause those two words are supposed to go together. But maybe, just maybe… that is if I don’t hyperventilate about it all first.

With the New Year I feel this urge to make resolutions, goals, and other things that will only serve as a measure to mark my level of failure. Fact stands that I can disappoint myself New Year or not, thankyouverymuch. As one smart lady quoted Yoda saying… "Do or not do. There is no try."

I never feel a desire to do it as much as an obligation and well I do this kind of shit year round anyways. Hi! Listmakers anonymous, I have 2 skips full of lists- does that mean I need to got to a meeting again?? In reality I feel like this desire to purge feeling is moreorless attached to the seasons for me. I am about wanting to shed my skin and try to recreate at least 4 times a year (oh how I wish I could be a Phoenix some days…)

So on January 1, as I have stated many a times before, I am NOT about resolving- except that I resolve to continue to disavow myself of the concept surrounding that resolution word. But here Chez Tink, that don’t mean I can't be about lists like Crazy Aunt Purl or about moving and shaking. And moving and shaking is what has my goat currently!

Unfortunately for now I don’t have time to make lists, I barely have time for this post. I am buried under all sorts of shit I am trying to ignore. And since I am going to start this one off right, I am about seeing if I can get up off my tuckus and get shit DONE. You know getting past my “get that ass back in the saddle” hump that has been doing the neener-neener-neener dance in front of me.

All that is warning: if you hear a bit more white noise and a lot less loud noise around here, know it is for the best and that well it too shall pass (like my freaking holidays- vortex suck me up Scotty!). Never you fear though- in all this chaos, I am working on bringing it to you bigger (yes that means more and BIGGER FONTS- just for you Claudia :) and hopefully better as we speak. If I can learn about a bunch of stuff and make it all my bitch it will be done before the end of the month.

And for all 3 of you interested… I will be back posting some of the updates when I recover from all this wizardry I am taking part of right now.

Happy New Year Every One

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